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Libation Corner – 2:15

  • what glass we’re using
  • what strains we’re smoking
  • what dabs we’re dabbing
  • what drinks were drinking

Listener Letters – 11;58

Send in your letters to! Share your cannabis story, ask your stoner questions, or request some good old fashioned advice from a mom and dad stoner. We’ll field your questions on cannabis, growing, cbd, relationships, parenting, us, you, whatever. We’ll look up the answers, stoned! Again, that’s!

Hello MADAS,

Is there a way to become a zero waste cannabis user?

Is there some zero waste products you would recommend?

Have you and your family ever thought about going zero waste?

Thank you so much In advance!!! You guys are the best

  • talk about my desires to go zero waste as a family in the past, but it is very hard for a big family like mine. COVID really put a damper on it to, with myself feeling very pressured to stock up and consume. It’s a goal I will always work towards and try to model, but doubt we’d ever get there at this stage of our lives. Talk about Lizzy and the green team and how it really inspired us for awhile.
  • There is a lot of packaging and waste that goes into commerical world of cannabis, there is no denying it. One of the first things you realize when you start regularly frequenting a dispensary is just how much damn packaging you will accumulate. Every preroll, every gram of weed put in a plastic container, every concentrate jar, edibles wrapped in tons of heavy printed packaging.
  • We have a hemp company, Happy Flower Company, and for awhile we were using single plastic tubes for preroll sales. Once we started getting customers that ordered twetnty at a time we realized we just did not feel good about sending out that many plastic tubes. We switched our packaging.
  • Talk about hemp plastic packaging, and how it’s really cool but expensive. We ordered some hemp plastic tube samples and liked them but like the box thing we have going on better.

Some Tips

  • reuse packaging as much as possible
  • Learn about and Use your dispensary recycle program or box. Return your weed jars and canisters for reuse or recycling.
  • Avoid proprietary cartridge systems, or cartridges in general if the ability to recycle them is a concern. Some methods of consumption are just less wasteful than others. Smoking a joint thats gone at the end probably has the least impact on the enviorment, depending on the papers used I guess. Something like a propritary single use cartridge systems might have the most waste, especially if the cartridge is not able to be recylced. Avoid proprietary cartridge systems, or cartridges in general if the ability to recycle them is a concern. Opt for methods like homemade edibles, smoking flower, or having a single high quality and long lasting dry herb vaporizer as your main forms of consumption to avoid waste.
  • Grow your own as much as possible and embrace making your own medicine!
    • no packaging to deal with
    • no harmful pesticides
    • make your own concentrates like us
    • use every part of the plant
    • use the leaves to make cannabis tea
    • use left over stems and leaves for mulching
  • On vaporizers- Obviously a vaporizer isn’t zero waste, eventually it will go into a landfill, so look for one that will last you a long time, with parts you can access and replace.
    • Contact the vaporizer company or check their website for disposal of any devices. Some companies have programs in place for device disposal. Remember many batteries and vaporizers have things like built in rechargeable lithium batteries that need to be discharged before disposal.
    • Save your ABV for edibles
  • Support Environmentally Friendly Cannabis Companies when you find them. Take note of brands who use sustainable practices by putting them in a note on your phone. Research brands by checking out their website. Look for brands that
  • Provide recycling services for recyclable exit bags that are and for plastic containers
  • Use biodegradable plastics or hemp plastics and natural fibers for exit bags
  • Use plastics that are at least recyclable, if not biodegradable.
  • Use organic practices to grow their plants.

Brands we have found:

Sana Packaging and Sun Grown Packaging – this is the hemp plastic we’ve found for happy flower before going the paper route

L’eagle – I’ve talked a lot about L’eagle here and on L’eagle is the only certified clean green dispensary in the state. They use their entire plant for concentrates and everything is organic. Not only are their products are certified green and organic, they also offer discounts for recycling containers and promote reusable products in the store.

Hemp wick- comes in many brands and is a great lighter alternative. Extends the life of a lighter by only being used once instead of for each hit.

Glass filters and glass screens

Marley Natural – The company’s accessories are made with glass and sustainably-sourced black walnut wood. Investing in a nice glass piece that will last a long time is a great choice for a environmentally friendly stoner

Stoned Conversations with Blavid and Kathryn – 31:46

Our Insights and Tips for Cannabis Influencers

I’ve been paid to be the stoner mom for around five years now. I have a monetized blog and have a lot of experience working with many of top cannabis brands. Though we do our podcast for pleasure usually, The Stoner is a fully operational business that pays our mortgage. Episode 34. You can also search The Stoned Entrepreneur on for the his

  • Cannabis brands are notorious for not wanting to pay influencers, as well as stealing content from content creators, or trying to pay for content with product. You can’t pay your mortgage with a nice bong collection.
  • HAVE YOUR OWN WEBSITE. No cannabis person should rely on facebook, IG, YouTube, Tiktok, Onlyfans, to forever host your cannabis content. buy a domain, set up a website and go from there. i have ALWAYS believed this should be the first step.
  • know your worth. You may be tempted to work for free, or for product, especially in the beginning. That can be a good way to begin relationships with brands, but be wary of brands that don’t want to pay you or clearly see your audience as something they want. you want to forge long term relationships and that only happens if everyone is getting what they want. You want money. They want quality content.
  • Niche down as much as you can. It helps you create content that is authentic. I’m one stoner mom out of many. There are other reasons people choose to consume my content. My personality or trustworthiness, my unique sense of humor, or the things that I’m clearly into that my audience also enjoys.
  • Hold onto your values and core brand – I often get brands that want me to talk about yoga or working out, or making homemade edibles. And guess what? I suck at all those things. if I talked about working out in some sponsored post my audience that really knows me would be turned off!
  • Remember an audience of any size is a privilege, not a burden. Real people follow you, not just numbers.

What’s Going On In Dave’s Grow? – 1:01:43

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