Mom and Dad are Stoned Podcast episode 150 | Video Extravaganja Edition!

It’s the 150th episode of your favorite stoner podcast! For reaching such a milestone we had to celebrate with something very special, so for this episode, we bring you our first-ever video podcast! If you’re listening to this on your favorite podcast player, click this link to get to our video version of this episode on And if you’re already here, click play on the video below to enjoy our very first video podcast. You can also listen to the audio-only version below.

Show Notes | MADAS 150

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Listener Letters

Thank you to C&T for this episode’s listener letter!

Send in your letters to! Share your cannabis story, ask your stoner questions, or request some good old fashioned advice from a mom and dad stoner. We’ll field your questions on cannabis, growing, cbd, relationships, parenting, us, you, whatever. We’ll look up the answers, stoned!

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  1. Oh my gosh I LOVED watching the podcast. PLEASE do more of these, it brought me so much joy!

    I’m an Android user and listen on a non Apple App. However, you guys get a 5/5 review from me – 100%. I love listening to you guys, this is my favorite podcast 🙂

  2. (1) Try Kirkland brand hard seltzer! We like it even better than White Claw. (2) David, yes to stretching high. One of my favorite combos, along with taking long walks high. (3) I’d definitely leave you guys a review, but I don’t know where to do it! I listen on a non-Apple app.

  3. Love this! It was so fun to watch you guys do the podcast live!