Today’s Episode Is Sponsored By Stache

Today’s episode is sponsored by Stache, creators of some of the best dabbing devices on the market. I am using the Stache RIO in this episode, that is the Rig in One, and I cannot recommend this piece enough. The Rio is an all-in-one, portable dabbing solution that includes the rig, a torch, and a one-of-a-kind base that keeps everything together.

Designed for portability and convenience. The RiO Makeover is great for at-home and on-the-go use. Powered by combustion through the use of a torch, there is no need for batteries, coils, or anything electronic when it comes to the RiO. No Battery, No Coil, No Problem. Just Traditional dabs, on the go or at home.

Stache also makes the Connector, a genius device that fits onto a 510 battery and converts it into a nectar collector. This is a convenient way to turn your 510 battery into a honey straw that will help you get the most out of your concentrates.

Get a closer look at the RIO and Connector, and shop at


Welcome to Episode 161 of the Mom and Dad are Stoned Podcast

Welcome one and all to the latest Mom and Dad are Stoned. What better way to celebrate 710 (we know we are a little late) than to have a show all about dabbing.  Kathryn shows us how it’s done in libation corner, then we answer a concentrate related question in listener letters and give you the low down on all the different types of concentrates out there in stoned conversations. So grab your dab rig and relax as we babble our way stonededly through the podcast.

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Have a grow related question? Send those in to us as well!

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