Welcome back to Mom & Dad are Stoned! We are SO excited to open up Season Three with our audio diary of our amazing honeymoon adventures in Hawaii! Eeek! Now look, we haven’t been on vacation alone together, ever. So, in typical Stoner Mom and hubby fashion, we lived it up. Hardcore. With napping, and drinking, and smoking weed, and sticking a toe in the ocean, and meals, my heavens the meals. 

A Primer on Traveling with Cannabis

I’ve talked in detail here on the blog about traveling with cannabis. In today’s episode of Mom & Dad are Stoned, we revel in this newfound feeling of freedom

In this episode we:

  • talk in detail about getting cannabis to Hawaii
  • share too much about birds and breakfast
  • exclaim often about how drunk we are
  • go over my troubled history with reptiles and amphibians
  • back in Colorado, we talk about The Stoner Mom’s lessened tolerance and how to fix it

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