In this week’s episode of Mom and Dad are Stoned, we really libated on libation corner this week and there are lots of laughs to be had. We also listen as Kathryn gives us the run down as to why those fancy Stradivarius violins that go for millions of dollars are so darn good….. or is it all just a bunch of nonsense?

In Episode 105 | Stradiblarius

• Libation corner  2:33
• So what’s going on with you guys?   7:24
• Stoned Conversations with Blavid and Kathryn  (Stradibarius) 21:30
• No listener letters this week because you all don’t care. So CannaNews and Pottatics  37:52
• What’s going on in Kathryn’s Grow?  45:00
• Shoutouts!  49:13

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