Another setup episode for our beloved Game of Stoned. We get stoned and go crazy about the insane knowledge that Gilly drops in this episode. Dany burns some Tarleys, Drogon shows off his eyes, Jon and a rag tag team of disaffected warriors travel all over the planet. Also, Arya is getting on our nerves and is outsmarted by Littlefinger of all people. 

In Episode 56 | Bleastblatch


  • Introducing our new patron KATY! We love you!
  • Media time: Insecure season 2
  • Game of Stoned: Jamie is immortal. Jon & company are time travelers. Cersei is clearly lying about being pregnant, and Davos smuggles fermented crab.
  • Oh, and Gilly drops knowledge that makes the fandom scream.

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