This week we are going to talk about CBD and how it works for us. Oh we are both very drunk and high, so this should be fun. If you want a more in depth review of CBD check out MADAS 68 here.

In Episode 75 | CBD- a Stoned Convesation

  • It’s time for slayer’s corner and a nice shout out.
  • Media Time and Dawson’s Creek. Yes That Dawson’s Creek.
  • A short Greek Mythology Lesson…. Stoned.
  • So CBD comes from Hemp?
  • What’s the difference between Cannabis and Hemp CBD?
  • What to watch out for when buying CBD online.
  • How to determine your dosage.
  • Is CBD a miracle plant?
  • What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow?

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  1. What is the website you are getting your hemp CBD products? The tinctures and waxes? Thanks!

  2. Illegal stoner mom

    Maybe I didn’t pay attention, but what did you do with ATSM? Have you ever thought about just making that a regular or irregular feature on MADAS?