Welcome to Mom and Dad are Stoned. This week we talk about strains. What does that even mean? Listen in and find out. 

In Episode 80 | Strains

  • Libation Corner
  • Shoutout Corner
  • Listener Letters (of which there are none…..AGAIN)
  • News and media time
  • Cannabis Corner
  • What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow?

Don’t forget to send your Listener Letters to momanddadarestoned@gmail.com. We will read them on the air and they can be about anything! Don’t worry, we won’t say your name in the letter (unless you want us to).


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  1. You guys crack me up everytime! I am so excited for the podcast with BA😍 the possibilities of conversation are endless. Love hearing you are doing better Kathryn, you have been greatly missed. Love you guys!