It’s Mom and Dad are Stoned time! In this week’s episode we chat a little about post partum cannabis use. Along the way we manage to ramble on for a long time. So sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s episode of Mom and Dad are Stoned.

In Episode 81 | Post Partum Cannabis Use

  • Libation Corner (featuring gigantic joints)
  • Shoutout Corner
  • Listener Letters (There were 2 very good listeners out there who sent in letters!)
  • News and Media Time
  • Cannabis Corner (Kathryn talks post partum and cannabis use)
  • What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow?

Don’t forget to send your Listener Letters to We will read them on the air and they can be about anything! Don’t worry, we won’t say your name in the letter (unless you want us to).

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  1. Illegal stoner mom

    I’ll be gone in the dark is only interesting because of the details. It seems disjointed to me. But I’ve mostly listened. I think I just need to read read it.