This week we discuss the recent changes by YouTube involving the removal of several cannabis related channels from their platform. Some of our beloved YouTubers are now more, but why?

In Episode 86 | What’s up with YouTube?

  • Libation Corner
  • So… what’s been going on with you guys? Corner
  • News & Media Time
  • Listener Letters
  • Shoutout Corner
  • Cannabis Corner – YouTube and Cannabis related content
  • What’s Going on in Dave’s (and Kathryn’s) Grow?

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  1. TXMommaMeg

    TWO shout outs?!?! whoop whoop. Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been MIA, a lot going on in my personal life. It was awesome to join the 4/20 live sesh even though I was working & not able to sesh with yall during the day 🙁 Keep up the great content fuck Youtube. XOXO

  2. WeedMama

    Is it bad I kind of want a steamy David series? I’d pay extra for that. Blavid shirtless talking about Blavid things. Pay extra and you can see Blavid in the buff talking about Blavid things and more ;). Uffff

    • Crazy Old Man

      Uhhhh trust me you don’t want that.