This week we talk about cannabis events in Colorado. The Stoner Mom went to not one, but two over the weekend. We also revisit the ongoing YouTube sage.

In Episode 87 | Puff, Pass, Paint: Cannabis Events!

  • Libation Corner
  • So… what’s been going on with you guys? Corner (Double dinners)
  • News & Media Time (EAR CAUGHT!, Infinity War and of course Atlanta)
  • Listener Letters (We got a really good one this time)
  • Shoutout Corner
  • Cannabis Corner – Cannabis events
  • What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow?

Thank you all so much for listening. We love making the podcast and would not be able to do it without you! If you would love advice from 2 happily married stoners, please send them to We can’t get enough listener letters so please continue to send them. The questions don’t need to be about cannabis, so feel free to let your freak flag fly. Oh and let us know what name you want us to use when we read the question.


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