In this week’s MADAS we talk about the mysterious world of microdosing. What is it? How does it work with cannabis? We did some research on the topic and discuss the options available for introducing microdosing in to your life.

This is episode 99 so you have 1 week left to enter for your chance to win the Sesh Supply ‘Nymph’ dab rig (courtesy of Smoke Cartel). Just head over to itunes here and leave a comment about our podcast to enter. We will randomly select a reviewer and announce it in episode 100 of MADAS.

In Episode 99 | Microdosing Cannabis

  • Libation Corner (Kathryn had a little too much libation this week)
  • Shoutout Corner
  • Media Time (What to watch?)
  • Listener Letters (Pugs with gas)
  • Cannabis Corner (Let’s microdose our way to health)
  • What’s Going on in Dave’s Grow? (The Stoner Mom’s grow)

The Prize – The Nymph dab rig by Sesh Supply Courtesy of Smoke Cartel

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  1. devary braley

    Kathryn I have been struggling with having adult conversations, by that I mean ever since leaving the work force and submerging myself in mom mode. Ive spent most of my days in doors with just my family, dog and my dysfunctional family to chat with. This summer was the first in many years that I was able to take part in adult life again….lol able to have drinks with friends, got out of town. What I have realized is that Im so awkward and lost for words when having adult conversations. Sometimes I say shit that doesnt make sense or I feel that I am trying way too hard. I turn into a very giddy almost nervous wreck….. then I spend time thinking WTF did I just say? lol Am I the only one? Are there others like me out there. I have lost some of my social skills and sometimes smoking makes me feel even more paranoid….or lost for words. Any tips, tricks, Ideas….Im open to anything. You and David are the best, love listening to you guys, relationship goals!!!

  2. Illegal stoner mom

    Dear Mom and Dad are Stoned,

    It’s obvious that y’all are deeply in love and passionately. However, do you practice ‘couple care’? I mean, everyone is talking about self care and hopefully everyone does some forms of it. But what about the care of the couple in the marriage? Do y’all have any things you do to nurture that connection?

    Tyvm, feel free to edit,
    I’m the fucking illegal stoner mom,
    Your friend, 💕💋

  3. Angela Jones

    I’ve been listening and watching all of what you post for about a year now. Absolutely love it all! Would love the opportunity to win a dab rig but I don’t do iTunes. Clicked on your link in description and it takes me to iTunes but can’t listen to it or I just don’t know how to navigate it.
    This is the first time for me to comment. Have really been thinking about emailing you but haven’t found the time. Might be along one! Lol Keep doing you… are an inspiration for me!