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Mandarin Cookies is a popular strain here in Colorado, where it is bred by Ethos Genetics. We recently grew a ton of this flower and love its huge yields and fragrant buds. In this post, everything I love about the Mandarin Cookies cannabis strain.

Mandarin Cookies cannabis strain nugget


Mandarin Cookies is terpene rich, making it an excellent strain for those cannabis connoisseurs who get off on identifying flavors and aromas. It’s bright and citrusy with heavy notes of pine and earth. Containing lots of limonene, linalool, and myrcene, this strain has a complex terpene profile that is a delight to both smoke and vape. We have also made rosin with our rosin press and the resulting concentrate is exceedingly potent and fragrant, great for both dabbing and using in vape pens.

Mandarin Cookies is also a beautiful strain. Buds are a bright green with lots of orange pistils and coated in a fine layer of sparkly trichomes. This is a high yielding strain that is easy to grow. We had five small Mandarin Cookie plants in a recent harvest and pulled close to two pounds total from them. Our Mandarin Cookie buds were enormous and colorful.

Mandarin Cookies nuggets

The High

It is rare that my husband and I have a strain we can both enjoy, so it was a happy surprise to realize we both loved the effects of Mandarin Cookies. Though quite high in THC and despite being covered in sticky trichomes, Mandarin Cookies is a well-balanced hybrid that leans more towards calming and sedating than energizing. This is a great strain for relaxing at home when you’re in for the day, or for mellowing out before evening social events. I get a lot of social ease from this strain, and it never seems to lead to over-thinking or anxious, paranoid thoughts.

I do find Mandarin Cookies to be less functional for me than say a speedy sativa like Super Lemon Haze. Mandarin Cookies relaxes my body to the point where I can’t really knock out a to-do list and instead find myself in spaced out bliss. I think that’s probably why my husband loves this strain so much, since it relieves a lot of anxiety and doesn’t start his mind racing. This is one of the few strains we smoke together, usually in the evening while watching The Wire and having our “couple’ time. In my experience, it’s a great strain for all manner of bedroom activities.

Mandarin Cookies cannabis strain nugget


I have found Mandarin Cookies to be a great strain for dealing with anxiety. Potent but balanced, Mandarin Cookies relieves my anxious thoughts without sending me into complete couch lock. Its mood elevating properties make it excellent for regulating depressive thoughts or for a pick me up on a blue day. It is also good for relieving symptoms of post traumatic stress, and can be effective for pain and nausea.


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  1. Great review makes me wanna grow some! I love your reviews of the flower now