marijuana strain "magic"



Magic is a sativa dominant hybrid with a strong citrus smell and an easy to manage, cerebral high.

A strong citrus smell with a clean taste, Magic is a mellowly delicious high- all in the head and none of the body. This is a great marijuana for every day, especially if you will be engaging with others.

  • Energy: Magic has a magically mild energy kick. It’s a great weekend morning weed, with a cup of hot coffee and an article you’ve been dying to read. Low body high means you are able to get up and get stuff done, but this is a mellow high overall so no need to rush out the door. 
  • Mental Awareness: This is a great “every day” strain. It’s the type of high that is totally containable, one you can talk to people with without losing your shit, always a consideration if you’ve got stuff to do. Extremely cerebral, a great choice for writing, reflective thought, study time with the kids. A very “high functioning” high. 
  • Emotional State: Magic’s powers lie in it’s mellow sort of high and steady stream of contentment. You become a deep observer, serenely in tune with what you are studying. That fair and balanced state is an asset to the parent seeking order in chaos. This is a great marijuana for really being “there” with people, and not like, sobbing your brains out. When you need compassion for the toddler that just shoved an eraser up it’s nose, this is the marijuana to smoke. 
  • Jumpiness/Paranoia: Little to none. Magic’s mild kick is just enough to get me going, and not enough to have me spilling my coffee jittery. 

It’s mellow brain high have Magic as a top choice marijuana strain for the “every day”.  Not a party starter, but a great mood stabilizer. Recommended.  


marijuana strain "magic"

large bud of the marijuana strain "magic"

marijuana strain "magic"





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  1. I love your pics! You can really see the trichomes on those buds. They look delicious.