Meet a Stoner Mom | The Many Faces of Parental Cannabis Use


In my Meet a Stoner Mom series I’m introducing you to the many faces of maternal cannabis use. Big ups to these brave parents for submitting their answers! If you want a chance to be featured as a Meet a Stoner Mom/Dad/caregiver/guardian, fill out the form at the end of this post.

This month, meet Jodi, a devoted mom of two who credits cannabis with saving her marriage and making her a better parent. Jodi’s story resonates with me because she was a young housewife with too much pressure and anxiety on her. I remember those days in my early motherhood, and I can only imagine how much cannabis could have helped me, had I been more open to the idea. Meet Jodi!


How many kids do you have and what age range are they?

4-year-old little boy, 2-year-old little girl


Why do you use cannabis?

I use cannabis because it makes me a fully functioning mommy. Without cannabis, I am very strict, I’m less creative, I am less patient and understanding. I am not a bad mother without cannabis, I am just embellished when I do medicate. I explore more and encourage more learning. I was previously on many different medications for bipolar disorder, anxiety, manic episodes, depression, and insomnia. I was a zombie. I didn’t feel, I just blindly but efficiently ran a household. I became a mother when I was very young and was under a lot of pressure to become the perfect housewife with impossible standards and spend money I didn’t have to have nice things. With cannabis, I have found more happiness than I’ve ever known with exactly what I have. Marijuana has saved my relationship of 7 years with my high school sweetheart that should have been over 5 years ago. Today we have fallen in love with the adult versions of ourselves, learned patience, kindness, and genuine love, my kids are thriving, and im.the most confident, kick ASS mom I have ever been. I’m the mommy that my babies deserve and the woman my SO needs me to be.


How open are you about cannabis with your kids?

My children are still very young. We take turns smoking in the in the shed if they are home. But I will start educating (not encouraging) them if they ever ask.


What does your daily stoner schedule look like?

I wake and bake with my SO before the kids wake up. During nap time I get to run out on the porch or in my bedroom. We smoke when my SO gets home from work, and I smoke before bed. Occasionally I’ll run out for a few quick puffs in between.


How does cannabis affect your parenting?

Cannabis improves my parenting more than ANYTHING. I will answer every “Why, mommy?” my little jabber monster can ask and if I don’t know the answer we google it and watch videos. I’m as interested in learning as he is and when I smoke I more clear-headed and take more time to explain, explore, and discover with them.I also talk as much as my 4-year-old when I’m stoned, soo *rolls eyes*


What do you wish more people understood about cannabis use?

There are fully functioning stoners. There are successful stoners. There are great parents that are stoners. People medicate to improve their quality of life. Not everyone smokes in a nasty house with disgusting houses. Just because you use cannabis doesn’t make someone a criminal. When people are being assholes I ALWAYS “his/her situation is different than yours. That does not make him/her bad/wrong. It makes them different AND THAT IS OK!” I don’t know many disrespectful stoners so if we are bothering you, just explain you don’t like it and we will move on.


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The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.

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