Outdoor screwing begins today! Wait, what? 

My Monday Morning’s Various Thoughts

  • Today’s song is in honor of my hubby’s birthday which last week. David is part robot, and therefore speaks robot, which in turn colors his taste of music. Apparently when one studies technical music for so many years, it turns them into a robot who appreciates the absence of melody.

    So yeah, hubby celebrated his birthday. I bought him clothes. Cause that’s what wives do. It snowed his whole birthday weekend so we just stayed in and did what we normally do- play with kids, eat too much pizza, record podcasts and scream out loud at Game of Thrones. Which brings us to:

  • #JonSnowLives! Thank you thank you thank you HBO, for giving us our prince that was promised, our reborn savior, our knower of nothing, Jon Snow! Seriously guys, I haven’t been this obsessed with anything in a long time. Be it the books, podcasts, graphic novels, interactive maps, dragons and sorcery and… necromancy. Oh and incest. Man, it is the best freaking story ever told, with consumption methods out the yin yang. George is a smart man.
  • My Patreon page is up and running. If you want to support me while getting access to bonus videos, consider becoming a patron! $4 a month gets you access to my patreon feed and all the videos there! I’ll also be letting my patrons vote on video topics for YouTube, so if you want a big say in what I create, become a patron!

  • The time has come. I need a new piece. I need to make a purchase. I find myself torn between a Storz-Bickel vaporizer (honestly love all of their models) or an elaborate new glass piece for smoking. I mean, I guess I should go with a piece, since I do prefer smoking so much more than vaping. So if new glass, what kind? I want a medium- smallish piece, something that isn’t too flashy, something very “Mom” friendly.

  • Right now I’m kinda obsessed with the Gravitron: I mean… come on. I’ve never used a gravity bong as it seemed to be some sort of invention for college students. But this? This I can handle.

    There is also this piece below which I think is super cute and kinda perfect. It’s smallish and high quality and I love its simplicity. HX.BK_.0
    What do you guys think? What kind of new piece should I get? Decision making is hard.

  • Stuff I get to look forward to this week: Lizzy has her 1st grade play! She is a blue tulip. I have yet to figure out her costume but I’m not concerned. Green leggings for the stem, and a pretty blue dress.  Flowers in the hair. Sounds good enough to me.

    And Mothers Day is this weekend so ya’ll better get a card in the mail! I got gifts for the mom’s in my life but no cards yet. Better get on that today.

  • BFF came over yesterday and we ate mangoes and did some massive dab hits. Five actually, to celebrate hitting 5k subscribers on YouTube! So we did five dabs each and my god I’ve never seen Abby talk so much. The mango thing is real, not only are they delicious and an awesome munchie snack, but they also intensify your high if consumed before smoking*nature*

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