Introducing the many faces of maternal cannabis use

In my Meet a Stoner Mom series I’m introducing you to the many faces of maternal cannabis use. Big ups to these brave women for submitting their answers! If you want a chance to be featured as a Meet a Stoner Mom, fill out the form at the end of this post.

This month’s Stoner Mom has got it going on! Becky manages a rich and self-sufficient life and doesn’t let her status as a cannabis user limit her in any way! I loved her answers and I think you will too.

Meet Becky

Stoner Mom Becky

Why do you use cannabis? 

I use marijuana for many reasons. I am a very busy lady. I run my husband business, homeschool three kids, make everything from scratch, (if I can, we are trying to eliminate artificial chemicals and trying to become self-reliant with gardening and soon livestock), managing my mother’s finances, volunteering to manage our church’s pantry finances, volunteering throughout the year at a Christian camp. I use marijuana to help control anxiety, to help extend my patience, to improve my interaction with the kids, improve my sex life, to be more in tune with my body, improve or produce creativity, improve productivity, create interesting conversation and occasionally with managing menstruation pains. My husband uses it daily for his ulcerative colitis has managed it now for 3 years successfully.

How open are you about cannabis with your kids?

We don’t talk about it with them yet. As the people in our lives have not yet been enlightened about the various benefits of marijuana, plus it’s only medically legal here. Even though my husband uses marijuana for medical reasons, ulcerative colitis is not on the approved list at this point in our state.

We plan to talk about it with them in the future once we moved to a place where marijuana is legal and they are at an age where they can comprehend the conversation. We plan to be open and honest about it with them. We plan to educate them about the truths of marijuana.

Thank you Becky for your awesome and inspiring answers! What a stellar example of a stoner mom you make!

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