The Many Faces of Parental Cannabis Use

In my Meet a Stoner Mom series I’m introducing you to the many faces of maternal cannabis use. Big ups to these brave parents for submitting their answers! If you want a chance to be featured as a Meet a Stoner Mom, fill out the form at the end of this post.


April’s featured stoner mom offers us a Canadian perspective of maternal marijuana use. She’s a mom and a stepmom and has discreetly used cannabis her entire adult life to treat one of those ambiguous stomach ailments that can’t be diagnosed. This is an affliction near and dear to my heart, as I have personally known many women with this sort of chronic condition that they can’t figure out. How wise that rather than go on prescription drugs to treat something unknown, Chantale opts for the natural route and uses marijuana. Enjoy her answers!



Meet Chantale


How many kids do you have and what age range are they?

3 kids: my son, 10, and step kids, 15 and 18


Why do you use cannabis?

I use cannabis to combat daily nausea and other stomach issues. I started using cannabis when I was 18 and quickly discovered that it was the only thing that kept me from feeling and being sick all the time (including prescription medications). Without cannabis, I am physically sick to my stomach every day. Despite numerous specialists and medical tests, the only answer to what is wrong with me that I have been given is IBS. I have tried a number of prescription medications, but none have helped the way cannabis does, and many had terrible side effects. Cannabis allows me to feel well and to be a functioning member of society.


How open are you about cannabis with your kids?

I do not discuss cannabis use with my son (10) yet. Cannabis is not yet legal in Canada, and there are still ongoing custody issues in my life, so I need to be cautious.I am aware that my step son (18) uses cannabis recreationally; that is something that his father has addressed with him. My step daughter is very against any drug use but may change her perspective with a better understanding in the future. However, those discussions are left to my husband 🙂


What does your daily stoner schedule look like?

I smoke in the mornings before work, otherwise, I spend the entire day sick to my stomach. I smoke after work, before picking my son up from school, and then after he is in bed. On weekends when there are no kids home, it’s a free for all and I enjoy smoking all day long!

How does cannabis affect your parenting?

Cannabis allows me to function without being sick constantly. A good sativa strain will give me energy and motivation to get through busy days and accomplish my goals while being present for my children.


What do you wish more people understood about cannabis use?

Just because I use cannabis does not make me an irresponsible “pot head”. I think the people I work with would be shocked to know that one of the most organized people in the office is stoned every day. I hope to help dispel the negative stereotypes of cannabis users by showing the world what responsible cannabis use looks like.


Thank you so much for those wonderful and insightful answers Chantale! It’s always so interesting to hear a perspective from outside of the US! Canada is on it’s way to cannabis legalization as early as 2018, so fingers crossed our northern brothers and sisters will be legally toking up soon.
I absolutely love hearing from parents in different parts of the world. If you want to share your stoner parent experience with us, fill out the form below. I can’t wait to hear your story!


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