Today I am introducing you to a stoner mom that isn’t me or my BFF! Yay! In my series Meet a Stoner Mom we’re challenging the taboo of moms using ganja and showing you the many faces of cannabis support! Each month I ask a different stoner mom the same questions. Today’s mom Gena sent in some answers that I loved, and so here she is! If you would like a chance to be a featured Stoner Mom, fill out the form at the end of this post!

Meet Gena


How many kids do you have and how old are they?
Two boys, 10 and 9.
Why do you use cannabis?
I started using it a couple years ago to combat anxiety. I have found it helps me be more productive, especially when I get home from work before the kids get home from school. Most people think this is strange what with the perception that pot makes you lazy, but instead it makes my marathon cleaning of the house fantastic and fun.
What does a typical stoner day schedule look like for you? ie, what is your stoner schedule?
My stoner schedule has lately been starting anytime after 2. It seems to allow me the perfect time to do some chores and not scream at homework and zones me out for some good sleep. It is truly the most perfect set up. On a weekend I might spend more of my evening a little more stoned what with my husband being around as my buffer if need be.
How open are you about cannabis with your kids?
Presently we are only just easing the boys into this. Of course being that I live in California, it isn’t exactly as legal. Both my husband and I have medical cards, with him using it strictly for sleep. Over this past Christmas we were out of town so my husband brought his edibles with us and as we were sharing a room with the boys, my oldest in particular would be able to see him consuming edibles which look like sour gummies. My husband was awesome in explaining that it is sleep medicine for grownups only and pointing out that it is in candy form because it is like how his cough syrup tastes like cherry to make the medicine go down. My oldest is 10 going on 60 as he is incredibly insightful. It’s funny because my boys are very in tune with the idea that people drink and they understand drunk so in a few years I am sure that explaining high will be easy enough. But for now, the special chocolate is hidden and we are incredibly open about making sure they can talk to us about anything.
Thank you Gena for your great answers! I love hearing how your husband explains his medication to the little ones, it all sounds so innocent when you hear another grown up saying the words!

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