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The Mighty vaporizer is a high-quality portable vaporizer from Storz & Bickel- the makers of the legendary Volcano vaporizer. In this post I show pictures, outline specs, detail the contents of the box, as well as talk about my personal opinions and share some tips based on my experience with the Mighty. There’s also a video for the more visual types. Hope you enjoy!


The Mighty | in pictures



Mighty Vaporizer


Mighty Vaporizer

Mighty Vaporizer Accessories

Mighty Vaporizer


Mighty Vaporizer Comes With

Mighty vaporizer
Power adapter
Filling aid
Herb mill
Cleaning brush
Liquid pad
Spare screens
1 set of spare sealing rings

Mighty Specs

Full, hot air convection heating
Two built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
High-performance heating cartridge and temperature fuse
Celsius and Fahrenheit
Vaporization temperature adjustable between 104F- 410F
Digital LED display shows both set and actual temperature
Precise electronic control
Auto switch off
Two-year warranty

What I Love about the Mighty Vaporizer


The reason the Mighty has become one of my favorite portable options is the simple fact that it works – every. single. time. Having tried a few different portable vaporizers, I know the pain exhaling out… nothing. A lot of troubleshooting is typical with these types of devices, but that has never been an issue with my Mighty. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. It doesn’t mysteriously stop working after a couple of months. It doesn’t get hopelessly clogged or overly rely on regular maintenance for a smooth user experience. It’s the tough, easy to use, always-working, superstar of a vaporizer that you have always dreamed of.

Discretion & Style

The Mighty is totally unique in its shape. Much broader than typical vaporizers, but not too long for my small hands. It looks like a battery. Or some sort of power tool accessory. OR, if you’re me, you think it looks like a juice box. Anyway, point is, this baby is about getting you medicated, not impressing jerks on the street with your flashy pen.

It fits very comfortably in your hands and is not something that would get lost in a purse. Unisex, no-nonsense and seems strong and durable.

How Easy is it to Maintain?

The Mighty’s  superb design allows me to keep it far cleaner than any other vaporizer I’ve tried. The mouthpiece doesn’t get clogged, and the device is designed to easily open up and be cleaned. The included directions are very detailed and explain exactly how to keep the Mighty working perfectly.

Other thoughts

That New Vape Taste

Okay, something to know. Vaporizers can have a weird taste when you first use them. People will mention a “plastic” type taste. This is really normal and occurs across vaporizer types and brands. The solution is to use your vaporizer! After a few sessions- Mighty took around 3-4 uses- the taste of the actual device will dissipate.

Also, remember that vapor is different from smoke. It will have a different flavor, will be noticeably “planty” in taste.


Quick aside: What is vaping again?

Vaping Responsibly for Parents

Vaping vs Smoking

Colorado’s Methods of Use FAQ

The Mighty in Action

Sometimes it’s just easier to show you how it works in a video.


Mighty filling aid

The included Filling Aid, made just for Mighty

Using the Mighty is easy. To start,

  1. Fill the filling aid with ground herb. Fill the entire filling aid including the small cap in the middle. This will be your stash of ready-to-vape cannabis. Once it’s filled, put the clear cap back on the filling aid.
  2. Prepare the Mighty. The top part of the Mighty is called the cooling unit. That is where the mouthpiece is located. To fill the Mighty, simply twist off the cooling unit and expose the chamber.
  3. With the Mighty’s top piece removed, you can now screw the filling aid directly onto the top of the Mighty’s chamber. Do this by removing the bottom lid of the filling aid. It is orange. Once that is off you can easily screw the filling aid onto the top of the Mighty.
  4. Hold the Mighty upright and unscrew the top lid. Remove the cap from the center of the filling aid and you will see a donut of weed with a hole in the middle – the empty chamber. Empty the small cap into the chamber and place the cap back in the filling aid. Put the clear lid back on the filling aid and twist the entire aid off the device. The Mighty is ready to use!

the mighty vaporizer and filling aid




5. Turn on the device by pressing the orange button. The Mighty vaporizer will let you know it’s on by vibrating.

6. The display will show you the set temperature as well as the actual temperature. Once the desired temperature is reached Mighty will vibrate again.


Mighty realizes the many expectations I have always had in portable vaporizers. Idiot proof, fool proof, powerful and well made. I love mine and highly recommend it to cannabis enthusiasts everywhere.



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