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Miss Grass CBD

Miss Grass is a cannabis and CBD brand providing hemp blend mini joints, cannabis flower, and more. Their mini joints boast a blend of hemp flower and other herbs for targeted effects. Try the XXX blend for pleasure, 000 joints for balance, and ZZZ blends for calm. These beautifully packaged joints are available online and ship legally across the USA for a smooth smoke wherever you are.

Those in California can benefit from Miss Grass cannabis, including delivery in the LA area of their three strains for fast times, quiet times, and any time. And, the Miss Grass online shop is full of stylish merch and some of the best CBD and cannabis-related products on the market.

Read on for my full thoughts on Miss Grass CBD mini joints, one of my favorite bedtime indulgences! You can also check out this Friday Night Sesh video where I enjoy an XXX joint as part of my smoke session.

Key Highlights:

  • CBD and herb mini joints in three blends for targeted effects: pleasure, calm, and balance.
  • THC mini joints and flower available in California.
  • Fun online shop filled with cute merch and premium CBD and cannabis-related products and accessories.

CBD Products Available

  • Mini CBD joints in three blends; pleasure, calm, and balance
  • Online CBD shop featuring premium products from third-party brands

Online Lab Results?

Yes. You can find the COA’s for all mini joints under ingredients on each product page.

Miss Grass Products I’ve Tried

XXX mini joints, great for relaxation, conversation, and whatever comes next…

XXX Mini Joints for Pleasure

Miss Grass XXX joints are filled with a delicious blend of organic hemp flower and herbs chosen for their aphrodisiac qualities. Full-spectrum hemp strain Lifter, blended with hibiscus, jasmine, rose, and damiana makes for an incredibly smooth and pleasurable smoke. No coughing with these silky-smooth blends! These taste amazing, with no harshness, and are perfect for picky smokers.

Miss Grass XXX is a sensual blend of organic full-spectrum hemp flower and organic adaptogenic herbs specially formulated to provide just the right lift. Morning or night, solo or social, outside or in; it’s the perfect smoke for whenever you crave full-body tingles, connection, creativity, or a playful, euphoric hit. Non-intoxicating CBD, CBG, and terpenes mingle with aphrodisiac florals like hibiscus, damiana, jasmine, and rose to produce a smooth smoke in a mini pre-roll joint for an inspired mood. –

As for the effects, for me, the XXX joints always lead to an experience that lifts my spirits and has me ready for conversation, relaxation, and whatever might come next. They are great for enjoying in bed with a partner and are a nice size for a quick and satisfying smoke. XXX joints make me feel uplifted and playful, probably why this blend is billed for pleasure. I find myself talkative yet relaxed when I smoke these, free of anxieties and able to focus deeply on what’s before me. Whether it’s work or pleasure, the XXX joints are awesome for full-body relaxation and an uplifted mood.

Don’t save these blends just for getting busy! I love smoking one of these anytime I’m looking for stress relief and inspiration, without a distracting high. Their mini size is perfect for a fast and efficient smoke. I love enjoying one of these while I’m working, getting me in the perfect mood for focusing on a project without overthinking.

ZZZ Mini Joints for Calm

Like a hug from a friend or a quiet night in, it’s the ideal smoke for anytime you crave restoration, release, and a dreamy state of tranquility.  –

With non-intoxicating CBD and CBG flower along with calming herbs like lavender, lemon balm, blue lotus, and skullcap, Miss Grass ZZZ mini joints are perfect for a bedtime smoke. These little joints provide real relaxation in a few puffs. They don’t quite put me to sleep, but they are wonderful for calming down at the end of the night and preparing the soul for restful slumber.

Like all Miss Grass products, these mini joints are rolled to perfection and come in a small stylish box with a ribbon pull.  Attention to detail is everything With Miss Grass, from the included matches to the dainty flower featured on each joint.

Miss Grass CBD

Miss Grass keeps it simple with a line of premium joints in three different blends for specific effects. A step above your average hemp preroll, Miss Grass joints contain custom blends of adaptive herbs that will have you feeling hot and heavy, balanced and calm, or soothed and ready for slumber.

Additionally, check out Miss Grass merch and their third-party products in their online shop. They sent me the Miss Grass sweatpants and sweatshirt combo, and it is so cute and well made, I can’t wait for the weather to cool so I can wear it all the time. They also have a beautifully curated shop with premium products from designers like Jonathon Adler and an Edie Parker collab.

If you love pre-rolls and want to see the difference between a typical hemp joint and one blended with unique herbs, definitely check out Miss Grass. Their products are fantastic for joint lovers. Learn more, shop, and explore at


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  1. This is my new daytime weed. and I’m not much of a daytime weed. so that says a lot. hit this before running some errands on the weekend and was more efficient than usual and had way too much fun.