Moby Dick

Hitting as hard as the literary giant, Moby Dick is a top sativa choice for this well read Mommy. Great taste, scent, energy boost, and mood lift make the Moby Dick strain effective for depression and anxiety without a post high crash. 


Moby Dick is one of my absolute favorite strains. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that tastes citrusy and sweet, smells great, and has lots of beautiful amber pistils. This strain kicks in very quickly and gives an immediate mood lift and energy burst, making it a top choice for any large scale household task. Put on some music for this one, and tackle that project that requires extreme focus and creativity.

  • Energy: Nice enduring energy boost with no post-high crash. Moby Dick takes you on a long steady ride with zero distractions. You’re not bouncing off walls, but you’re not sitting down either.  
  • Mental Awareness: My favorite characteristic of Moby Dick is the focus it provides. Almost like a superhero power. Something about this weed makes you want to get stuff done. I do develop that tunnel vision with this one though. If multitasking (a bad idea for stoners IMO) make sure you step back periodically to avoid obsessing over details for too long. 
  • Emotional State: Moby Dick produces a near euphoric high. Nothing can bring you down on this whale. If you are a female PMSing, you may find yourself crying with contentment after smoking Moby Dick. Yeah, it’s that good. 
  • Jumpiness/Paranoia:  As usual, a powerful sativa does heighten my jumpiness. No paranoia however, hurray!  

Always reliable for a fast hitting, euphoric, super productive high. Moby Dick lives up to it’s name. if you see some, get it without doubt. You won’t be disappointed. 



Moby Dick



Moby Dick




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