The Downside of Cannabis (hint: there’s not a lot of them)

Potheads are known for being… not bright. It’s a perception I am trying to change (along with many others), but it’s not easy. Wanna know why? Because people do stupid things when they’re high. They forget what they’re talking about, or look suspiciously sleepy, or eat something not belonging to them.

Then there are pot advocates that are incredibly passionate about the issue. Loud in their protests and exhibiting a tendency to overlook any of the potential negatives of pot. Though I am an advocate for national marijuana legalization, that does not blind me to the dangers of becoming addicted to any substance. The following are the main issues I keep in mind when considering my personal marijuana consumption.


Weed costs money. A lot of it. If you become a regular partaker then a substantial part of your income will go to buying pot. If you are a recreational user than the cost is super high. In Colorado, a 25% tax is added to recreational marijuana sales. It’s great for the state, but not for your pocketbook, especially if you are a frequent user. Growing your own pot is a great way to significantly cut your marijuana cost. Just be aware that there is an initial setup cost associated with growing marijuana, and it’s the type of task that a lot of people give up on when they realize the amount of care the plants require.

Lung Health

Believe it or not, cannabis has been proven to improve lung health, including increasing lung capacity. However, as long as we are stuck in the stone age with no major studies indicating otherwise, it’s important to know that smoking anything can be harmful to your lungs. In New York where medical marijuana is legalized, cannabis must be consumed in a form other than smoking it.

Bottom line, it is unwise to blind oneself to the negative implications of smoking stuff. Especially since there are so many wonderful options to get high out there, what with oils and vaporizers and pills to ingest. Bottom line, diversify your cannabis consumption methods to be extra safe with your lungs.

Pot can be Addictive

It is. Like everything else in this pleasure saturated world. I’m sorry, but if people can be addicted to sex or porn or fapping, they can be addicted to cannabis for craps sakes. People become addicted to fast food, to reckless choices, to bad men, to watching videos of girls getting wasted. Can we just accept that, yes cannabis is totally addictive? It makes us feel good, it relieves pain, why on earth wouldn’t it be addictive? Recognizing that something has a negative impact on your life is a key part of maintaining control. Have perspective. I urge stoner moms to be hyper aware of how their marijuana use can affect their families and selves. When you see yourself taking it too far, wanting it too much, you can take steps to reduce these side effects and lower your tolerance.

Common signs of drug addiction are a high drug tolerance, the need to use the drug to ease withdrawal symptoms, and the need to use more pot than you used to.


When you come across those who are anti-weed, consider the reasons they have these negative associations. It is not always because of a lack of cannabis education. Recently I had an eye opening moment while chatting with a friend. A Colorado resident who is pretty liberal in all ways, but anti-pot. Why? Well, because her parents abused it when she was a child, and she did not appreciate being raised by chronically inebriated parents. That is a good enough reason for me.

I guess it’s because I’m a mom that it really hit home with me. Everything we do affects who our children will be as adults, and the last thing I ever want to demonstrate is marijuana abuse. Being a responsible stoner mom really requires you to self-regulate. We’ve got much more to consider than the high school stoner does. Set restrictions on your pot use and adhere to them.

Quick Tips for modeling Responsible Cannabis Use

  • Include a trusted friend or loved one in your goal setting. This is a great way to share accountability, especially when you’re stoned.
  • Have a set dollar amount for cannabis, and don’t go over the limit.
  • Honor the ritual of medication and only toke up when you are supposed to
  • Consider practicing tolerance breaks

Hope this was helpful! Until next time, be safe and model responsible cannabis use for the world!



The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.