The Stoner Mom’s 2019
Mother’s Day Giveaway!

For my fifth annual Stoner Mother’s Day giveaway I have pulled together a bunch of the very best CBD and cannabis products for one lucky stoner mom winner.  A huge thanks goes out to my brand partners at Hemp Crate CoGrön CBD, Dr. Norms, Kush Queen, Eco Four Twenty, Lumi Wellness, and Living Lotus CBD. Their generosity and fantastic products have really made this Mother’s Day giveaway extra special and I can’t wait to share what we’ve got for you!

Scroll on for details on how to enter, and check out the video below for a closer look at this years prizes. As always, best of luck to everyone who enters, and if you’ve got a stoner mom in your life that you adore, don’t forget to show her a little love this weekend. Sometimes a smoke sesh and some time alone is all mom needs to feel rejuvenated and appreciated.

*Giveaway has closed and winner is being selected and notified. Please see the end of this post for updates

Stoner Mother’s Day Giveaway Prizes

Grön CBD Limited Edition Mother’s Day Gift Box

Gron’s world-class artisan hemp products are top of the line and sure to impress any stoner mom in your life. Their limited edition Mother’s Day Gift Box features all three types of their handcrafted 100 mg chocolate bars as well as their rejuvenating CBD face mask and soothing Peppermint and Rosemary CBD body balm.

Hempa the Explorer Pro Box from Hemp Crate Co

Hemp Crate Co offers a monthly subscription box filled with the best CBD products from the most reputable brands in the industry. We’re giving away one Pro box containing: one 300 mg tincture and 100 mg bath bomb from CBDMD, two packages of hemp hearts, CBD tea and daily tincture dose from Green Roads, and a 500 mg CBD strawberry cheesecake bar from Koala Edibles.

Dr Norms CBD Cookies

These CBD-infused cookies from Dr. Norms are delicious and have 15 mg of CBD per cookie.  We’re giving away two chocolate chip therapy bags and one peanut butter chocolate. These are seriously so tasty, I can’t recommend them enough!

Living Lotus Premium CBD E-Liquid

Living Lotus makes CBD e-liquid in every possible flavor, and even allows consumers to mix their own flavors for a unique vaping experience. We’re giving away two bottles, one peppermint and one watermelon. Add your e-liquid to any fillable tank style atomizer and get your dose of CBD on-the-go.

Eco Four Twenty Personal Air Filter

A small air filter is an easy way for stoner mom’s to keep their seshing discreet and their homes smelling fresh. Eco Four Twenty’s personal air filter is durable, has easy to change filters, and works! Simply exhale your huge bong rip into one of these and you’ll save the home from smelling like a frat house. We’re giving away one unit and three replacement filters. Each filter lasts for around 500 uses, so our winner will have a stink-free stoner space for quite some time!

Lumi Wellness Botanical PreRolls

Lumi CBD Wellness Shop is a curated space for premium CBD products and accessories. Our giveaway prize includes two of their CBD botanical prerolls blended with CBD flower, rose buds, lavender, black tea, and mullein.

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs

I’m a big fan of Kush Queen’s lux bath bombs! We’re giving away two Cafe Latte and two Citrus scented bath bombs, packed with 25 mg of CBD each. Any mom will feel like a queen using these in the tub! Great for pain relief, relaxation and general pampering.

Giveaway Updates

*5/12/2019  5:11pm | Giveaway has closed and winner is being selected and notified


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  1. I hope I win with my 24th birthday being the day before mother’s day! I NEVER win anything I enter so here’s to wishful thinking and optimistism!💚💚 HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! You’re the coolest mom ever!!