Oh Lil Wayne. Here’s why this short-in-stature man of my same age (!), forever holds a soft spot in my heart:

Part of the soundtrack of my midlife crisis, Lil Wayne was on heavy rotation while forging my way through divorce. Rebelling against 8 years of listening to husband-friendly music, I went through an intense “find the most filthy rap song you can find” phase with my BFF. We would text songs to each other, giggling over the lyrics, and blasting them on our decadent girls nights out. Lil Wayne found his way on many of those playlists, due to his admirable ability to inject the term “pussy” into every song he’s got. I’d never heard a man confess his love for cunnilingus so profusely. He’s practically an advocate for women.

Anyway, I’ll spare you his filthiest and just give you his illest, with one of my favorites, A Milli.

And before you rush to judgment, know that this cat has had a career that officially started at age 14. He’s got a massive collection of work and has permeated practically every subgenre in pop. He can sing about whatever the f’ he wants, cause for him it really is a million here, a million there.

Don’t you compare me cause there ain’t nobody near me
They don’t see me but they hear me, they don’t feel me, but they fear me
I’m illy


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