Tuesday Edit: There was really no reason why I couldn’t have clicked “publish” yesterday. But for whatever reason I didn’t. Stoner blogging. 

Hiya stoners! Today’s Motivational Monday is a short one, because this Monday I am busy getting stuff done! I did however, want to pop in, share a song, and let you know what’s up this week. Today’s song is by my other favorite band, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. This trio are the cool kids I could never get to hang out with.

It’s my Monday “off” (ex has kids) so I have been spending my day conquering a mountain of laundry and touching up articles for you guys. February is my favorite month, because it’s my birthday month. Soo… in February I tend to get a little personal. The risque me. I’ve always done this. When I was young (before kids) I would have a cigarette. Now I’ve evolved into a wine and dine me kind of gal. I like to spend February indulging my dreamy pisces self by pondering relationships, loves, sex, why I’m here, who I’m meant to be. That kinda stuff. Pisces are kinda known for being too spacey to get things done, so I do try to combat that, while still making time to indulge in the stuff that makes me unique.


Here’s a Look at What’s Coming up This Weed WEEK!! (I did it again!!)

  • CBD, THC, Terpenes Oh my! An Explanation on what it all means.
  • How Cannabis Enhances my Sex Life
  • Dabbing! A very stoned explanation
  • Dabbing with Abby, this Friday on The Stoner Mom Show!


In the meantime here are some recent videos from The Stoner Mom Show. New shows are uploaded every Friday, tune in!




See you here tomorrow! xxxooo


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