I am LOVING my “new” bong. Not so new anymore since I have smoked out of it like 1000x now. I call it my “Girl Bong” because of its pink rim and Hello Kitty bowl. When I went into the head shop I was hoping to find two things: a bong with great filtration, and that is easy to clean. Bongs are so lovely but there’s nothing lovely about them when caked in resin and filth. I have found that the more intricate the design and filtration, the more difficult it is to clean. I needed something simple but well designed.

There were several bongs I liked but I eventually ended up bringing this one home. I love its big main bowl that holds lots of water, and its simple design means it is seriously a dream to clean.

New bong_Oct2014_01

I also picked up this adorable Hello Kitty bowl because come on. Had to have it.

New bong_Oct2014_02



New bong_Oct2014_04

New bong_Oct2014_03

Then, last week gorgeous BFF gave me a percolator ash catcher that was the right size for my new bong, and BAM! An already smooth hitting bong now hits twice as smooth! Am I a lucky girl or what?

So here is the current awesome set-up!
New bong_Oct2014_06

Time to enjoy…

New bong_Oct2014_07


New bong_Oct2014_08

A chamber full of sweet healing. Peace out!

New bong_Oct2014_09



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