Helping Paranoid Stoner Parents Relax About their Stash

In my last post I went over some tips on safely storing your weed stash. As I said there, marijuana in the house is no more dangerous than alcohol or chemical products. It’s a plant. A weed, and normal parents educate their kids about what not to touch or do in the house. Still, we want to always be as safe as we can, because on rare occasions kids do get into stuff. Having a way to lock up your ganja helps the most helicopter-ish of parents relax. That’s what smoking the herb is all about anyway! (Can I get an amen?)


CoolJarz recently found my website and had to share their child-resistant locakable jars. Normally a wholesale provider for dispensaries, this line of lockable jars is available per jar, perfect for stoner parents like you and me.

cooljarz3wmDurable and attractive, they are benign enough to have on the kitchen counter.

cooljarz1wmEach jar came with two key which are unique to the jar. Providing major security, the keys are not interchangeable. I keep all of my keys together on one chain, and so had to come up with some sort of identifier for the keys to the corresponding jars. I am careful to store the keys in a separate location from the jars so if a child finds either they cannot use the two together. Keys are easy to hide from four foot tall littles.

cooljarz4wmCute patterned washi tape would have been my preferred way to identify the keys, but I didn’t have anything cute on hand. Instead I labeled the jars near the lock and labeled the corresponding keys.



When you turn the key the inner canister becomes accessible.


The outer jar keeps the cannabis airtight and sheltered from light, and the inner canister opens easily with a “push down and turn” cap.




Okay, so it’s safe to say that I am in love with these. No “cons” whatsoever. Attractive, affordable, durable, child, teenager, and adult-proof. I think these jars would make a wonderful addition in the household of any responsible stoner parent. Highly Recommended.


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