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Spotlight on CBD

CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids that have been isolated and identified by scientists. In recent years CBD has gained widespread notoriety for its ability to treat a plethora of lifelong chronic illness and disease. Some facts about CBD:

  • CBD is completely non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high.
  • CBD is non-addictive, has minimal side effects, and can be used safely by both children, adults, and animals.
  • CBD can treat schizophrenia, post traumatic stress, epileptic disorders, depression, anxiety, cancer, osteoporosis, nausea, lupus, OCD, Parkinson’s disease, acute and chronic pain, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disorders, psychosis and so much more.

I use CBD for my diagnosed generalized anxiety and major depressive disorders, conditions I have had for my entire adult life. At the end of 2017 I used CBD therapy to successfully go completely off of pharmaceuticals, and I’m eager to share what I have learned with you! I use the “Spotlight on CBD” umbrella to house product reviews (both sponsored and non), in-depth articles, videos, and podcasts about this important topic.

Vape Cartridges: A New Method for CBD Consumption

In this post I’m reviewing Pure Spectrum CBD, specifically their CBD vape cartridges. Pure Spectrum carries a full line of CBD products, like oil and lotion, but they’re the first company with CBD cartridges that I’ve been able to sample and so I’m eager to share my thoughts on them with you guys!

With its immediate effects, vaporizing CBD has become an increasingly popular form of consuming CBD. Whether it be dabbing CBD wax with a torch and rig and inhaling the resulting vapor, or popping CBD isolate into a concentrate vaporizer pen, there is a lot to be said for the rapid relief inhaling CBD can bring.

Pre-filled CBD-oil cartridges are one of the newest ways to discreetly vaporize CBD. Cartridges filled with CBD oil fit onto a very simple pen-style battery and heat up instantly as you press a button. One draw on the mouthpiece and you’ll be exhaling lovely, CBD-rich clouds. Because this method is so fast, discreet, and has minimal smell, it is extremely popular for portable and daytime medicating.

As a busy parent, speed, discretion, and effectiveness are a top priority for my daily medicating needs and so I have grown to value having small vape pens to get immediate relief no matter what’s underfoot. I get an effect very similar to dabbing CBD, but obviously far less time intensive.

Pure Spectrum CBD

Pure Spectrum carries a line of premium CBD tempered glass cartridges with larger intake holes designed not to leak and engineered to vape oils and thicker concentrates, while maximizing the amount of vapor per hit. These are the first and only CBD-specific cartridges I have tried and I really enjoy the subtle flavors and instant effect that their highly tested CBD has on me. I love the convenience of vaporizing with such a slim and discreet system. Effortless to use and requiring little time and zero preparation, Pure Spectrum’s CBD vape cartridges are the perfect addition to busy days on mom duty.

Pure Spectrums’ mission is to establish a new, higher standard for manufacturing phytocannabinoids. Our goal is to deliver the purest, most reliable phytocannabinoid wellness products on the world market today, while developing the most effective techniques and methods to deliver the relief these products can provide. All of our infusions are produced under stringent, quality-controlled standards. Our objective is to improve our customers’ daily lives by exceeding their needs and expectations by having the safest, tested pure and potent phytocannabinoid products.


Key Highlights:

  • Tested for potency and purity. Monitored by a third-party to test for phytocannabinoid potency levels as well as testing for residual solvents to ensure purity.
  • Pure Spectrum sources certified organic industrial hemp from Colorado.
  • Pure Spectrum is one of the few CBD companies to be awarded a GMP certificate. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.
  • Added cannabis derived terpenes are delicious and not too strong.

Products Available

  • Tinctures
  • Pre-filled cartridge
  • Pet products
  • Lotion
  • Pain salve

Origin of Hemp

Pure Spectrum uses hemp from their partner farm in Colorado, Colorado Cultivars. Colorado Cultivars possesses the largest plot of USDA certified organic hemp in the US.

Online Lab Results?

Yes. All lot numbers and lab results are publicly posted and available here.

Personal Thoughts

Products I’ve Tried

I enjoyed all of these cartridges. Vaping CBD has an immediate calming and clarifying effect for me, and it helps to grant me immediate relief of depression or anxiety episodes. All the Pure Spectrum flavors I tried were subtle, with sour diesel and natural being my two favorites. They bubblegum is too sweet and artificial of a taste for me, I prefer natural or botanic flavors, or no additional flavors at all.

I also really like the mouthpiece and overall design of the cartridges. They are really easy to use, just screw them onto a compatible battery. If you don’t already have a compatible battery, Pure Spectrum sells a basic pen for only $15. I use a battery I already had from my favorite local dispensary, and it worked great with Pure Spectrum cartridges.

I’m also a fan of Pure Spectrums CBD lotions. The isolate blend treats dryness and pain at once, powered by 99.9% pure, nutraceutical-grade CBD isolate and synergistic all-natural ingredients. Pure Spectrum CBD Lotion soothes body aches and muscles while hydrating the skin. They also carry more intensive CBD lotion for relaxation and intense healing and pain relief, great for rubbing on sore muscles at bedtime.

Who Should Try Pure Spectrum

Pure Spectrum carries a full line of quality CBD products and offer transparent third-party testing results for all of them. Anyone seeking the immediate effects of vaporizing CBD should consider checking out  Pure Spectrum’s CBD vape cartridges. Tinctures are great for effective daily relief, but vaping is great for on-demand situational medicating. I really enjoy what I have sampled from Pure Spectrum, and I think you might too. To learn more and to purchase any of their products online, visit Pure Spectrum CBD.


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  1. Hi, I came upon your page in a random search, and this particular article piqued my interest.
    Long story short, I’m trying to get my husband to try CBD oil for his herniated disc/pains/depression/stress/etc, because he’s one of the unfortunate people to suffer paranoia and other negative effects from plain Mary Jane.
    The vape method seems like a viable option, as he is also trying to quit smoking cigarettes and this could take the place of that with presumably much more success than the aromatherapy he tried.
    My question, though, is about how long does a single 100mg cartridge last? Is one puff enough, or maybe it depends on the consumer? And in the case of the tincture, how long would you say the 500mg bottle would last? I looked at the site and couldn’t find serving sizes or anything of the sort on the products, so I’m hoping you can provide some insight.
    Thank you!

    • Hi! Sorry it took me so long to reply! So, for how long these cartridges last, it really depends on how often one uses them. I don’t use these every day so mine last for quite awhile (literally a few months). It’s just a guess but I would think someone using it daily as their only source of medication could get around a month and a half of use, give or take. I would recommend using these in tandem with a daily CBD tincture, especially for what your husband is trying to treat.

      I use a tincture several times a week and my bottles typically last close to two months. Again, it depends on how much you use, I use a full dropper for every dose but many people only use a few drops, thus stretching it out. My husband uses a CBD tincture every day and they typically last him a month.