Asking yourself if you belong here? The Stoner Mom believes in a safe place for us to be ourselves, to share knowledge, and to foster judgment-free community among parents who use cannabis. Here is the set of principles we stand behind as a community. Also, I have a lot of followers who are not parents, and they are welcome here too! The Stoner Mom is all about Responsible Cannabis Use, something any stoner can practice.


As Responsible Stoner Parents:

1. We believe that adults can use cannabis, for medical or recreational reasons, and continue to be nurturing and compassionate parents, deeply attuned to the needs of our children.

2. Our children are healthy, clean, nurtured, and protected. We believe in peaceful parenting, and appreciate the role cannabis plays in our peace of mind.

3. We believe that safe access to cannabis is a basic human right.

4. We understand the greater importance cannabis plays outside of recreational use.

5. We try to practice Responsible Cannabis Use, including adults only, set and setting, resisting abuse, and respecting the rights of others.

6. We do not force our lifestyle on anyone and understand that cannabis use is a personal choice.

7. We understand that parents use cannabis in a variety of ways, for a myriad of reasons. We do not pass judgment on others based on their amounts, methods, or frequency of cannabis use.

8. Providing for children fills our heart with tremendous joy.

9. Cannabis use does not define who we are.

10. We are always working towards an authentic and healthy self. We understand that perfection is an illusion and that our purpose is to help and serve others.

11. We value our friendships, and long to be BFF’s like Cheech and Chong. Like, Oprah and Gail level. Or maybe more like Thelma and Louise.

12. Family can be biological or curated, and it is our greatest gift.

13. Sometimes, we choose to use cannabis. Big deal.

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