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Greetings stoner fam! I’m back with another video, and in this episode of The Stoner Mom Show, I’m showing you what I keep in one of my favorite stoner storage bags. I like to keep an organized stash, and my beautiful Rob Rodney case is no exception. Please enjoy the video below for a tour of my daily essentials, and scroll on for details on everything featured in my video.

How I Organize my Rob Rodney Bag

My beautiful Rob Rodney case is one of many storage solutions I use to keep my stash secure from my children and pets. I use mine to store my “everyday stash”- the things that I need to have easily accessible for daily use.

In My Bag:

Utility Bag:

Go Bag:

The Rob Rodney Bag

The Rob Rodney storage bag is meticulously constructed. Made from premium leather and framed in steel, these bags are meant to last. Each bag features a built-in combination lock, customizable dividers, two interior bags that magnetically attach, and airtight glass jars with bamboo lids. They are available in brown or black leather, in two sizes, Big and Little. The bag featured in this post is Big.

The Rob Rodney is one of my very favorite cannabis storage solutions and I will use it for many years to come! Learn more at


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  1. Thanks so much for the new video ! I enjoy seeing all of your stoner gear. I am still in an illegal state. You are my only sesh buddy 😁

  2. Illegal stoner mom

    Very nice addition to your storage options!! Such good construction, this will be really durable and more beautiful with age.

    Thanks for the sesh buddy. 💗