The Season 6 finale of occurred awhile ago. Like, so long ago that I don’t remember talking about it. Of course, I do smoke a lot of cannabis, so maybe that’s why I (Mom) don’t remember. In any case, I relistened to it today and it’s quite funny! So there ya go. Listen to Mom and Dad talk about the best episode of Game of Stoned to date. Boom.  

In The Winds of Winter, we are entranced with new pacing and structure, highlighting a mini-film of sorts that takes us through Cersei’s impressive middle finger to all of Kings Landing and all that follows. From the destruction of the Great Sept, to the end of the reign of King Tommen, times of changed big time.

This is also the episode that features the reveal, years in the making. The one everyone has waited for. It’s R+L=J time, and the scene is as beautiful and devastating as one can imagine. Young Ned stares into the eyes of a baby Jon, Lyanna dying beside him, and as music swells and promises are made we are taken back to present-day Jon, our hero. Get tissues.

We also talk about whether we should continue recapping Game of Thrones. Here are some options:

  1. In off-season, recap old episodes of GOT
  2. In off-season, have topic themed episodes about certain intriguing GOT subjects
  3. In off-season, recap other shows we are enjoying, outside of GOT

What do you think? If you have an opinion, please feel free to let us know! Email

Okay guys, fire up the Bong of Heroes folks! It’s time for Game of Stoned!


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