blood of my blood

The blood that ties us, familial bonds and characters long thought gone. Episode 6 had a tough act to follow since it was, Hodorless, but it held its own nonetheless. We get to meet the crappiest dad ever, and no I’m not talking about Walder Frey. A long-lost Stark reappears, and a Tully that managed to avoid the Red Wedding also returns. Dany’s teenage bad-boy dragon tires of whoring and sleeping and finally decides to seek out his mother. And a girl is no longer a girl, not yet a women. So, get a nice big dose of the dragon’s breath and get ready for GAME OF STONED.


Halfway through the season you guys. Right out the gate we learn what happens to Bran and Meera, and it involves major visions. VISIONS. Bran is stuck in a loop where he gets to enjoy rewatching the execution of his parents, his own fall, and all sorts of fucked up things from the past. Like, for instance, the MAD FUCKING KING! No one expected that and we all just about died. And of course he looks like a maniac and of course he’s screaming “BURN THEM ALL!” Awesome.

Gilly endures the worst family reunion ever, and ultimately her, Sam, and babe, decide to cut family ties and steal a very important piece of weaponry in the meantime.

Mace Tyrell proves, yet again, that he will always win in the Armor of Most Fabulousness contest. Not even Tommen’s new KingsGuard can compete.

Lastly, a girl decides that she isn’t just a girl after all. She’s a Stark. And she’s gonna stick you with the pointy end.

Oh yeah, and Dany. Being followed around by a Kalasaar of adoring bros. Dragon shadow. Flying. Shouting of speeches. The usual.

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