Does Your Mama Got Problems? | Strains for Moms

I can help.

Cannabis can help treat symptoms of many illnesses and disorders that especially target women. From endometriosis, anxiety, IBS, PMS, PCOS, even eating disorders, cannabis is a critical medicine and tool for optimal women’s health.

And yet, women are far less likely to admit to using cannabis and are subject to much harsher criticism if they do. And god forbid these adult women are mothers because then admitting cannabis use can literally jeopardize everything and everyone they hold dear. This is a real issue and a real reason to advocate for decriminalization, legalization, and safe access to cannabis for all adults.

Today I’m sharing six strains that can help enhance the average mom’s daily life. If you’re thinking about going on a campaign to get your mama high, consider one of the following strains as her first rodeo.

Six Strains for Stoner Moms


strains for moms: Blue Dream
Blue Dream

1. For Daytime Medicating | Blue Dream

Blue Dream is uplifting and potent, making it a great choice for daytime use. High in THC and offering both pain relief and euphoria without the dreaded “couch-lock”, Blue Dream is the country’s top-selling and most mass-produced strain for a reason.


Strains for Moms: Green Crack
Green Crack

2. For Productivity | Green Crack

Therapeutic and energetic, Green Crack is another great strain for daytime medicating. It battles fatigue and depression and is a friend to the working mom, the mom entrepreneur, and the stay at home mom alike. Prepare to feel focused, cheerful, and ready to tackle the day’s responsibilities.


Strains for Moms: Cannatonic
Cannatonic Sour Tsunami

3. For The Anxious Mom | Cannatonic

With high CBD and low THC, this is a great strain for the mom who thinks marijuana is not for them. Cannatonic offers powerful anxiety relief as well as being the best strain to have on hand for the guest who swears pot makes them paranoid. Not this one girl.


Strains for Moms: Lavender

4. For Date Nights | Lavender

Looking to find a strain for a great night in with your partner? Lavender is potent, long-lasting, and sedative. It provides a euphoric and heavy high before settling into the body and making every touch feel like magic.


Strains for Moms: Red Dragon
Red Dragon

5. For a Mom with the Blues | Red Dragon

With a host of great effects, Red Dragon treats pain, nausea, and depression. A wonderful strain for chasing away the blues, putting pep in your step, and getting stuff done.


Strains for Moms: Durban Poison
Durban Poison

6. For Activating Mom’s Superpowers | Durban Poison

Seriously energizing and uplifting. Get ready to get stuff done, because Durban Poison gives me superpowers. With a cheerful high that June Cleaver must have known something about, Durban Poison transforms the harried mom into a Super Mom.


When you are starting out on your cannabis journey, I encourage you to keep a journal of how different strains affect your symptoms. Believe it or not, we don’t always remember how we felt when we were high. Keeping a record of your experience will come in handy as you sample all the different types of herb that the cannabis world has to offer.

As always, the greatest of luck to you on your cannabis journey! May all those moms out there find the strain that acts as their superpower activator!


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.


  1. Do you know a strain that minimizes the munchies?

    Thanks in advance,
    Still in the closet mom

  2. Defnitely agree with the Blue Dream. The Lavender and Red Dragon I will have to keep an eye out for now. For me personally when I have a disastrous house from my 2.5yo and 6 mo I like to reach for WiFi OG or Turbo Diesel. Gives me that none stop focus to clean and scrub while keeping a smile.