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X MAX Starry | POTV Edition

The Starry by X MAX is a mid-range priced vaporizer with a durable build, simple digital interface, and great vapor production. I’ve used it for a couple of weeks now and think it’s a great vaporizer for first time vaporizer buyers and those looking for a well-built but affordable device. Priced around $100, The Starry stands apart from similar priced devices with its anodized aluminum body, magnetic lid enclosure and ceramic zirconia mouthpiece.

The Starry was designed for vaping dry leaf and includes an insert for concentrates. It heats up quickly, taking 25 seconds to reach 390°, and 35 seconds to reach the top temperature.

The removable, rechargeable battery is another perk. The Starry vaporizer is powered by a 18650 battery that is removable, great for swapping out the battery without recharging. The battery itself is pretty powerful and lasts for a several sessions (or about an hour and a half of continuous use) before requiring a full charge.

The magnetized cap is sleek and attractive, and it’s also really handy as you can easily fill the Starry’s oven while the cap sticks  to the side of the device.

I also really love the ceramic zirconia, straw-style mouthpiece that feels great and cools the vapor. I always prefer a straw-style mouthpiece over the types where the mouthpiece is built into the device (like the Pax or Davinci IQ). My Starry has an excellent draw with almost zero resistance.

As always I recommend keeping your vaporizer functioning well by cleaning it often. All vaporizers get sticky inside and require routine maintenance to perform as designed.

X MAX Starry POTV Edition | in pictures

Well known online vape shop, Planet of the Vapes, teamed up with X MAX to come up with the limited POTV edition. With identical functionality of the original Starry, the POTV edition offers an updated matte black look and finish.

X MAX Starry POTV Edition | comes with

X MAX Starry Vaporizer
Packing Tool
Cleaning Brush
Concentrate Insert
USB Charging Cable
Replacement screens and O-rings
Mouthpiece covers

X MAX Starry POTV Edition | specs

Height 4.3 in / 11 cm
Width 1.37 in / 3.5 cm
Depth 0.94 in / 2.4 cm
Weight 4.2 oz / 120 g
212° – 464° F / 100° – 240° C
18650, 2600 mAh, 5A Battery
1 Year POTV Warranty
100% Satisfaction POTV Guarantee

What I Love about the X MAX Starry POTV Edition

Durability and Value

The Starry is a fantastically built device for the price. The anodized aluminum body is durable and strong and looks great compared to similar priced devices that are often made of plastic. Despite its lower cost, the X MAX Starry has some fancy features not found on pricier devices, like the magnetized lid and smooth ceramic zirconia mouthpiece. I think the Starry is a great value in the vaporizer world, and with its simple digital interface, any newbie will be quick to figure out how to use it to best suit their vaping needs.

Using the X MAX Starry POTV Edition

Not much to figure out with this simple device!

  1. Remove magnetic cap
  2. Fill chamber loosely with moderately ground cannabis and lightly tamp
  3. Replace magnetic cap
  4. To turn on device: hold power button for 3 seconds. The X MAX will begin to heat up automatically. There’s a cute icon of a hot coffee cup that will blink until temperature is reached.
  5. Use +/- buttons to adjust desired temperature
  6. When the coffee cup stops blinking you’re ready to go! Inhale slowly and deeply from the mouthpiece.
  7. Toggle the auto-shutoff feature from five to ten minutes by holding down both the power and + buttons at the same time for two seconds

Concluding Thoughts

A simple portable vaporizer, small and discreet, efficient and easy to use, The X MAX Starry is a great value and a solid choice for anyone ready to explore combustion-free consumption. Featuring a pocketable size, great build quality, removable batteries, and a magnetic zirconia mouthpiece, the Starry has plenty of high-end features without any unnecessary extras that come with an inflated price tag. To learn more and to pick up your own POTV edition of the Starry, visit Planet of the Vapes.


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