V I D E O | The Stoner Mom Show | a peek inside my stoner stash


Hi friends! Today’s episode of The Stoner Mom Show is an update on an old YouTube video from the early days of my channel. Long ago I shared what my personal stash looked like, but things have definitely changed since then!

My stoner supplies have greatly expanded since the beginning days of The Stoner Mom. I have gone through many bongs, shattering at least three that I adored. But I’ve also gotten new pieces, like all the Diamond Glass water pipes from DankGeek.

Our vaporizer collection has changed the most. I used to have the Arizer Extreme but I kind of hated it so I threw it away. Since then I have grown the collection to having the DaVinci IQ, FEZ, several SourceVape pieces, the Mighty, G Pen Elite, and G Pen. All of these devices come with accessories that I store in the original boxes.

Security is the primary concern for the stoner parent, which is why I am thankful for StashLogix. They created a perfect bag for a stoner who needs a built-in combination lock; pretty much anyone with young kids. Go ahead and throw your prescription pills in there while you’re at it.

In this video I show two stash areas in my home. Since my job is kinda to uh, smoke weed, I have some unique storage needs. I have a small locked amount on the main floor where my “office” is, allowing me to easily medicate during work when the kids are off at school.

The main supply of stuff is upstairs in my bedroom. This is where I keep the bulk of my working stash (the weed I’m smoking that week) as well as all of my bongs, dab rigs, and multitudes of accessories. Basically, this is where I keep all of crap I don’t need all over the house.

Lastly, though not shown in this video, I want to say that when we have a large supply, ie after a harvest, it is kept in our locked basement room, accessible only to my husband and my cat.


 T A K E A W A Y tips


  1. Invest in a locking stoner stash case
  2. Audit your stoner stash regularly
  3. Keep your glass clean
  4. Have spare lighters, bowls, and stems
  5. Keep your main stash of marijuana locked away in the dark. Replenish your “working” supply every few days rather than having one large supply out. Your weed will stay fresher this way, plus it’s safer for households with young children.


S H O P | this episode

StashLogix Bags and Cases my favorite stash bags

CoolJarz | childproof stash jars

Mighty Vaporizer | one of my favorite dry leaf vaporizers

FEZ | another favorite vaporizer for flower

www.DankGeek.com | all of my Diamond Glass is from here

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