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It’s Date Night!

There are few things I enjoy as much as a date night with my husband David, but a couple of weeks ago we took things to another level with a stoner-themed evening courtesy of Colorado Cannabis Tours. On a Saturday night when the kids were safely elsewhere, a 420-friendly PARTY BUS showed up in the driveway to whisk us away to our local Puff, Pass, and Paint class. In this episode of The Stoner Mom Show, I’m bringing you along while we sesh on the road and create some spooky art. Join us for a quick night on the town, and learn more about Colorado Cannabis Tour’s many services below. Enjoy!


420-Friendly, Luxury Transportation from Colorado Cannabis Tours

Colorado Cannabis Tours has a fleet of luxury vehicles and limos that will make your event unforgettable. Whether you’re looking for 420-friendly transportation from the airport, a luxury ride to a concert at Red Rocks, or a safe space to consume between dispensary visits, Colorado Cannabis Tours has a ride for you.

We had a blast heading to our paint class in their stunning party bus. I must admit, before they arrived I was a little afraid that a glorified stoner bus was going to make a big scene in my very suburban neighborhood. I was expecting a Duck Boat covered in pot leaves or something. But I was pleasantly surprised by the elegant and nondescript ride that arrived. And once inside I was blown away by the high-end touches like wrap-around TV screens and atmospheric lighting.

After our class, Colorado Cannabis Tours sent us back home in their elegant, cannabis-friendly, 2019 Cadillac Escalade. This ride holds up to six passengers and is perfect for an epic night out with friends and loved ones. I was able to safely and legally consume all the way home while chatting with our friendly and knowledgable driver.

Check out Colorado Cannabis Tours for a full list of their transportation services. With stretch limos of every kind, party buses, and luxury SUVs, there is an appropriate vehicle for anyone enjoying Colorado’s booming cannabis scene. Take any occasion to the next level with a safe and legal space to spark up.

Enjoy a HIGH class evening out with our exclusive luxury limousine rentals. With a selection of over 30 420-friendly vehicles including Porches, Escalades, Hummers and party buses to choose from, this service is sure to make your trip to the Mile High City an unforgettable one. Our limos are high-end hot boxes on wheels, with state-of-the-art sound systems, tinted windows, and complementary bongs & beverages. –

Puff, Pass, and Paint | Cannabis-friendly Painting Class

I have attended Puff, Pass, and Paint classes since the company first began, and it has been inspiring to see it grow from the modest residential location it started in, to the large and well-appointed stoner sanctuary that it has become. Puff, Pass, and Paint classes are one of my favorite stoner activities here in Denver, and you can find their classes in multiple states across the country.

Puff, Pass, and Paint classes follow the tradition of creating art while under the influence of a well-paired wine, only here it’s weed, and the inspiration is plentiful. Classes are informally led by an instructor who paints alongside and gives tips and guidance on making your painting a success. Follow along diligently, or feel free to go your own way! I have seen some really impressive pieces there over the years, and it’s always a blast learning which stoner is hiding a secret fine art degree.

My favorite painting from a Puff, Pass, and Paint class. I gave this one to my mom!

Of course, skill is not required, and most of the fun is getting high and painting with a large group of likeminded cannabis lovers. These events are popular for cannabis tourists looking for a safe space to light up, but I’ve also seen a fair share of locals here. In Denver, classes take place on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 7-9, and are a perfect place to meet up with friends and getting in a good sesh before continuing a night out. I’ve attended Puff, Pass and Paint class with girlfriends, and solo with my husband, and it has always been a blast. 

My Halloween-themed painting from our last date night.


Puff, Pass & Paint isn’t about making the perfect piece of art. It’s about being part of an atmosphere that is relaxed, comfortable, open-minded, and allowing yourself to freely create your own original masterpiece. Painters and cannabis-users of various levels of expertise and from all over the world attend Puff, Pass & Paint to experience a sense of community in an intimate, inspired setting. –

All art materials are included in the cost of the class, and by the end, you’ll be going home with your own one-of-a-kind creation. Puff, Pass, and Paint classes are BYOC – bring your own cannabis. For me, packing the perfect stash for an evening of partaking is a big part of the fun. I absolutely love seeing how other people like to consume, whether it be vape pens, thick blunts, dabs and more. On our last date night, I brought everything from a bubbler, a dab vaporizer, sublingual strips, and several pre-rolls.

Colorado Cannabis Tours offers even more than what I’ve mentioned here. Check out their site for a full list of their events and services. They’ve got everything from educational grow tours and concentrate class, to stoner karaoke, 420-friendly pottery class, and vaporizer rentals. Whether you’re a local or from out of town, Colorado Cannabis Tours has a variety of activities for the cannabis lover in all of us. Learn more at


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