The Stoner Mom’s Setup for getting hizzigh.

Stoners are like any other niche group; in love with the gear. You know, the stuff that comes along with your particular interest. You invest what you can in your tools, enjoy the maintenance of your hobby. Craft beer enthusiasts will learn to brew at home. A foodie will proudly maintain their sophisticated tools. Photographers save their money for the best lenses they can afford.

Stoners are no different; we collect glass pieces and tools that look like dental instruments. We try different methods of enjoying our weed. Getting ready to get high is a ritual. I try to take care these days, care in the ritual, the stuff.

Without further ado, here is The Stoner Mom’s current setup.


First thing first, I grind my weed. I use this small and worn herb grinder and it gets the job done. I scrape it clean pretty regularly.

A grinder

(above) My grinder, top off.

Herb grinder

I take my pot and place it in the top compartment (this is Moby Dick- 100% sativa)

A grinder full of pot

I put the lid back on and then grind grind grind by twisting the top compartment and holding the bottom compartments still.

No picture of grinding in action because I don’t have three hands.

*grind grind grind*

A weed grinder

Done grinding. Take the top off, ooh! The weed is ground and has fallen through the holes.

A grinder full of weed

I separate the third compartment from the second compartment. There’s my weed! Ready to smoke.

Marijuana grinder with all parts separated.

But wait, there’s more! Compartment two has a screen bottom, and underneath compartment two is a slender compartment for the kief that results from grinding the weed.

Grinder with all parts seperated

From left: compartment two, compartment one, top compartment, lid.

Fabulous! So what’s next? Introducing my perma-dirty bong, as purple as it can be.

The Stoner Mom's Bong

I have had this bong the longest. My husband bought it for me after shattering a different one the morning of the day he was going to surprise with it.

The Stoner Mom's Bong

Purple bong

(above) Okay time to pack my bowl.

Basic stoner tools

This is all I need.

A bowl full of weed

I scoop my weed into the bowl.

Bowl packed with ground up marijuana

 Perfect. Ready to smoke? Not yet!

Remember the kief from compartment one?


That stuff. Yeah.

That is not a lot of kief. Normally I like to save it up for a long time. Enjoying a mostly kief filled bowl every couple months is a lovely treat. For this photo session however, I had to throw it in.

A bowl of weed and kief

Toss that stuff on the top of the bowl. Pat pat pat. Sometimes I mix it all. Here it is just a topping.

The Stoner Mom's bowl

And there is is! My bowl packed with love and care. You know what comes next.


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.