Hybrid Cannabis strain: Golden Goat
Light green and eventually orange, Golden Goat is a lovely looking cannabis strain.


Golden Goat
Hybrid- Sativa Dominant
Genetics: Hawaiian-Romulan X Island Sweet Skunk

This strain has been a stoner mom favorite since the first time it hit my brain. Golden Goat offers a total attitude adjustment because of its immediate head high. As such, it’s a strain that works beautifully in the daytime. Comparable in its energy levels to another personal favorite, Snowcap. This strain¬†has a somewhat diesely aroma and a mild, semi-sweet taste.

Like the best of hybrids, Golden Goat starts your journey on a super energetic and extremely focused high. After about 45 minutes it settles into its more relaxed body high, lessening the buzz of activity in your brain but without the onset of any sleepiness. With THC up to 23%, it’s a potent herb that I would save for the experienced toker.

I find this strain extremely well suited for any creative or busy work. Golden Goat is my go-to for long, productive days at home. Be it writing, housework, photography, editing, projects; this strain gives me not just the energy, but the focus and cheerful attitude required for getting stuff done. Such a favorite, it’s become one of the strains we grow in-house for my medication.

Golden Goat2

Golden Goat

Golden Goat4


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