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Suzie’s CBD Pet Treats and More

Today I’m reviewing another favorite CBD brand that is near and dear to my heart. Suzie’s CBD is a Colorado-proud brand with an organic product line that focuses on the support of our beloved pets through cannabidiol. CBD to treat pain and anxiety in pets has become more and more common in recent years. I talk a lot here about how we have been giving our dog Max CBD for many years. Max is a large St Bernard and Husky mix who is in the final years of his life. As he has aged we have depended more and more on CBD for easing his arthritis, joint pain, and even anxiety. We’ve seen firsthand the difference a quality CBD product can have on our pets, and are big believers in adding CBD to a dog’s wellness routine, alongside routine vet visits of course!

Suzie’s CBD is a phenomenal source of organic and thoughtful products that will please the pickiest of pets. They offer tinctures, treats, and salves in a variety of strengths for dogs, cats, and horses. They also have an emphasis on delivering strong customer service as well as giving back to the animal community, all reasons that make them easy to recommend!

Read on for my full review on Suzie’s CBD and to see why this brand is my top choice when treating my own pets.

Key Highlights:

  • Full Spectrum, USDA Certified Organic, Full-Spectrum CBD products for dogs, cats, and horses
  • Batch specific, up-to-date third-party lab results available for each product
  • Plenty of dosing information on the website and packaging,  making medicating your pets a breeze
  • Emphasis on giving back to shelters across the country through their Suzie’s to the Rescue program
  • Affordable pet treats and sample packs, perfect for starting a pet on CBD

CBD Products Available

Origin of Hemp

Suzie’s CBD is made from organic hemp grown in Fort Collins, Colorado

Our USDA certified organic farm is our pride and joy and is what distinguishes us from many CBD companies.  We are one of the few CBD manufacturers that are vertically integrated,  meaning that the entire process of production is controlled and overseen by our people.  We grow the hemp, know what’s in the soil, hand harvest, and extract on site. We can guarantee the quality of our products because we always know and trust the source.

Extraction Method

Ethanol extraction

We extract our CBD using food-grade organic ethanol. Ethanol is an efficient and safe solvent made by plants, for plants. Therefore, we believe it is the best method at preserving the natural constituents of the plant. We are also proud that our extraction method is considered sustainable because we can recycle the ethanol and no residual solvents remain the final product.

Online Lab Results?

Yes. Suzie’s CBD posts their third-party lab results right on their website, so there’s no mystery in what you give your pets. View all batch-specific COA’s here.

Suzie’s CBD Products I’ve Max and Katya Tried!

Suzie’s CBD Soft Chews

Suzie’s soft chews are made with simple and organic ingredients in three flavors; Chicken and Tumeric, Beef Bone Broth, and Peanut Butter and Carob. Each chew contains 2 mg of full-spectrum CBD and is appropriate for dogs 20 lbs and under. The soft texture of these chews is great for senior dogs with difficulty chewing.

We gave Max the beef bone broth soft chews, and he loves them! The flavor is perfect for him, and he’s happy to take these little treats as a simple and quick snack that won’t fill him up and isn’t full of garbage ingredients.

Suzie’s CBD Hearts

Another winner according to Max! Suzie’s CBD Hearts are bigger and firmer than the soft chews, great for a bigger dog like him. Each package contains twenty heart-shaped treats, with 4mg of full-spectrum CBD per treat. I was a little skeptical about the pumpkin flavor since Max prefers meatier flavors, but he surprised me by taking to these right away. He comes running when he hears me grab the bag, and has no trouble chewing these convenient little hearts.

These treats are baked with love right here in Colorado, and we third-party lab test every single batch to ensure quality and consistency. If you are trying CBD with your pet for the first time, or looking for a convenient way to administer on the go, this is the product for you!

Suzie’s CBD Hearts are available in Pumpkin, Apple, and Original flavors. I give Max two to three of these a day.

Suzie’s CBD Drops

We rely on CBD oils for deeper and faster relief of Max’s ailments. You can administer CBD oil by squirting directly into the mouth (along the gum line or under the tongue) or adding to the pet’s food. Unlike most CBD brands, Suzie’s tinctures are all full-spectrum and are available in varying strengths for the different needs of our pets. They carry the only 1000 mg tincture for dogs that I have seen.

We tried the 500 mg CBD oil which works out to about 8.3 mg per full dropper. This is a great choice for our large dog and is also cost-effective for daily use and multi-dog households.

Made with USDA organic safflower oil and USDA organic, full-spectrum CBD sourced from our partner farms in Colorado, this tincture was created to provide your pet with the highest quality relief.

Suzie’s CBD drops for dogs contain organic safflower oil and organic full-spectrum CBD oil. Full-spectrum contains CBD plus other beneficial minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Suzie’s Goes Nuts

If you’ve got a dog who loves peanut butter, this is the one for the one to try! Suzie’s Goes Nuts contains only freshly ground peanuts and 125 mg of their full-spectrum organic CBD. Max has never been a big fan of peanut butter but even he seems to enjoy this! It’s great for adding to a treat or biscuit, and also works well for administering medication. Perfect for adding a little more CBD to your dogs day!

Suzie’s Cat CBD Drops

Suzie’s is one of the few brands I’ve seen with products like CBD treats uniquely made for cats and other small mammals. We tried the 125 mg CBD Oil Drops with our Siberian cat Katya. She is typically skittish and anxiety-prone, so this is a great option for times like neighborhood fireworks or other stressful situations.

This tincture contains organic safflower oil and 4.2 mg of CBD per full dropper. You can easily use the dropper to administer more or less. Squirt directly into the animal’s mouth (along the gum line or under the tongue), or add to their food or favorite treat. This is a must-try for older cats with arthritis or mobility issues.

Suzie’s CBD Pet Treats

Suzie’s CBD Treats gets it all right. USDA organic Colorado hemp, organic ingredients, and intelligently-dosed products for a range of different types of pets. Their products are tested, with up-to-date COA’s posted right on their website. They give back to the community through shelter donations and support, and they genuinely care about their customers’ experience. Most importantly, their full spectrum products work and provide relief for the believed animals that they are made for. Highly recommended!

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