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Switch vaporizer review

The Switch | the next generation of vaporizer

Settle in stoner fam, because in this post I’m sharing a brand new vaporizer that is changing the game entirely. The Switch is the latest offering from highly rated vaporizer brand Dr. Dabber, and it uses state of the art induction heating for an unparalleled vaping experience that is fast and versatile.

No exaggerations, the Switch is one of the most impressive vaporizers I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing, and this is coming from someone who has both the legendary Volcano and the acclaimed (and now defunct) Herbalizer. With the ability to vaporizer not only flower but also concentrates of all thicknesses and consistencies, the Switch can truly call itself the next generation.

Huge thanks to for sending me a Switch to review. They’ve got an incredible vaporizer selection, keep everything in stock, and have competitive pricing with lots of active coupons and deals all accessible in one spot. Be sure to check them out when you’re in the market for any sort of vaping device, has you covered.

Read on for my full review of the incredible Switch vaporizer, and be sure to check out its many features in the sesh video below! Featuring an impressive light show and lightening-fast speeds, the Switch is a device you’ve got to see in action.

The Switch Vaporizer Review

The brand new Switch vaporizer is an incredibly fast, multipurpose vaporizing device that uses induction technology for even heating of materials of various consistencies. Able to vaporize loose leaf and all concentrates equally well, with an average heat-up time of 4 seconds, the Switch is truly the first heavy hitter of the newest generation of vaping devices.

Switch vaporizer review
Make room! The Switch easily holds its own among some legendary vaporizers.

What’s so Great about Induction Heating?

Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes and abilities, but they have always relied on the same two heating methods; conduction or convection. Both methods require close contact between the materials, heating element, and the power source, which, because of the heat and mess involved with vaporizing, can sometimes lead to problems with the device’s electronic components.

The Switch is the only vaporizer of its kind to feature induction heating which uses a magnetic field for precise and consistent heating, all within a sealed chamber, meaning no direct contact, no leaks, and effortless cleaning.

Because all the energy transfer is accomplished wirelessly via magnetic fields, the electronic components of the vaporizer can be sealed off from the parts that actually heat up. These connections are common points of failure in traditional vaporizers, as the proximity to heat and fumes can contaminate parts or short them out entirely. Since there’s no direct connection between the power source and the heating element, induction heating can totally avoid those issues.          -from the Dr. Dabber blog

Switch vaporizer review

Unrivaled Speed and Versatility

Aside from benefits like no-leak sealed electronics and easy maintenance, the Switch’s patent-pending induction heating technology allows the device to heat to target temperature in an incredibly short amount of time. How fast are we talking? How about an average of 4 seconds? That sort of speed is unheard of with traditional convection and conduction devices.

The Switch is engineered for every possible vaporizing style. With 25+ built-in settings calibrated for flower, oil, and everything in between, the Switch has a setting for every need. The Switch comes with two ceramic induction cups for consuming different types of materials, and alternating between vaping flower and busting fat dabs is as easy as flipping a switch.

Superior Battery Life

Boasting 150 uses on a single charge, a 60 minute charge time, and pass through charging. the Switch is ready to vape when you are. Though classified as a desktop vaporizer, the superior battery life means this is the most portable of desktop devices. It doesn’t need to be plugged in, and you don’t have to keep it charging all the time.

Switch vaporizer review

Sophisticated Design and Sesh-Enhancing Light Show

The overall design of the Switch is sleek and sophisticated. Standing tall at 10″ inches plus its included hourglass percolator, the real show-stopping feature of this device are its 25 LED light show options. Choose from a range of colors and effects to display in between hits. The Switch also has a stealth mode which turns off the light show for discreet hits.

Switch vaporizer review

The Tidy Dabbers Dream | self-cleaning mode

One of my absolute favorite features, the Switch has a built-in self-cleaning mode for helping to maintain your device. We all know how messy dabbing and vaporizing with concentrates can be, but the Switch guards against that by running a high temperature cleaning mode to burn off any residue leftover.

Switch vaporizer review

Switch Vaporizer | comes with

  • SWITCH unit
  • White ceramic induction cup (for oils)
  • Black ceramic induction cup (for herbs)
  • Ceramic leaf filter cap
  • Battery pack
  • Reverse action tweezers
  • Charging cable and adapter
  • Glass loading tool and carb accessory
  • Glass percolator attachment
  • Instruction manual

Switch vaporizer review

Switch Vaporizer | specs

  • Multiple modes for different materials
  • Precision heating induction cups
  • Customizable hold times
  • Self cleaning mode
  • Auto cool down cycles
  • Standby lighting with 25 LED light show options
  • Stealth mode with no lights
  • 150+ cycles on full charge
  • Output Power up to 120 watts
  • Battery Capacity of 33.3 watt-hours
  • 64kb memory
  • LiFePO4 non-volatile battery cells built into battery pack (non-explosive batteries, one of the safest on the market)
  • Pass through charging
  • Over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit, and reverse-polarity protection built into the unit

What I Love about the Switch Vaporizer

My Favorite Way to Dab

Similar to an e-nail, the Switch allows for a cleaner dabbing experience, without using a torch or gas for heat-up. This means you’re not inhaling gross gasses, allowing you to really experience the flavors in your concentrates. It also means far greater control and customization when dabbing.

Switch vaporizer review

Switch vaporizer review

Concluding Thoughts

With high-tech induction heating, unprecedented versatility, superior battery life, the fastest heating speeds, plus a gorgeous design, the Switch is the face of the next generation of vaporizers. Whether you’re looking to vape loose cannabis leaf or the runniest of cannabis oils, the Switch has a setting geared for every possibility. Plus, features like self-cleaning mode, auto cool-down, 25 different light show settings, and customizable advanced settings make this one of the most sophisticated devices around.

To learn more about the Switch and to pick up one for yourself, visit


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  1. Illegal stoner mom

    I really need this, as does any busy, medicinal patient. If I’m in a depressive state, I don’t want to medicate: it’s too much effort or time. (Ill minds have irrational thinking). This would take those excuses away. Plus, one device for flower and concentrates! That’s just more convenience for the unmotivated consumer. It really has a great price point for the engineering level demonstrated.

    But I have a few questions, as I usually do (because we focus on different details):
    Are the cap and bubbler “sturdy”, solid feeling? I’m wondering if they would break if I knocked the unit over and they hit the counter top. Are there replacements for the moveable pieces readily available from the manufacturer? I’m sure any blower would be happy to make custom pieces, but that’s may be too much effort to replace them…

    PS, hydrology is defunct? Wonder if they’re liquidating…

  2. Illegal stoner mom

    Another amazing review of an awesome product that gives me ‘the wants.’ 💋👍🏼 I love multi functional electronics!!

  3. Illegal stoner mom

    Barry, whether your growing indoor or outside, Tweetmint plant wash is nontoxic, organic and effective. It’s available on Amazon. If you’re only growing indoors, Hot Shots is effective and doesn’t require you put it on the plants. Also available through Amazon and other retailers like grocery stores. They last at least a growing season. 👍🏼💋

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  5. Great review Kathryn! That was one mighty dab for sure, LOL. How evenly do you think it extracts the flower?

  6. Janelle Bearden

    Oh my gosh if I had the money I would totally get one of these! It seems like it’s perfect for concentrate and flower which is really hard to find. I know that there are a couple of other vaporizers out there that do both but they’re usually better at one! I love that there are more dabbing options that omit the torch! Great review Kathryn 😃

  7. Janelle Bearden

    Oh my gosh if I had the money I would totally get one of these! It seems like it’s perfect for concentrate and flower which is really hard to find. I know that there are a couple of other vaporizers out there that do both but they’re usually better at one! I love that there are more dabbing options that omit the torch! Great review Kathryn 😃