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What’s up fellow THC enthusiasts! Today’s post is for the true stoner nerds! If you’ve ever made a cannabis infusion for making homemade edibles, you know how confusing figuring out potency and accurate dosing can be. The tCheck2 is a cannabis infusion, flower, and concentrate potency tester that gives live readings of your infusion in under a minute.

David and I recently used our tCheck2 for the first time and were impressed by the experience. We used it to test cannabutter before making cannabis-infused cake truffles, and the process was easy and very quick. You can see all of this in action in this installment of The Stoner Mom Show! Scroll on for details on the tCheck2, our cannabis-infused cake truffle recipe, and be sure to check out the video below to see just how cool the tCheck is for the cannabis chef in you!

tCheck Infusion Tester

The tCheck tests the potency of cannabis infusions for accurately dosed edibles. It also has an expansion kit for testing cannabis flower and concentrates. I’ll talk about testing those in the future. For this post we’re going to focus on testing our cannabutter infusion, which the tCheck can do straight out of the box.

TCheck2 can test infused olive oil, coconut oil, alcohol tincture, or clarified butter for THC, THCa, or CBD. It comes with a dropper, plastic slide with cover, and the tCheck2 device. The tCheck works with the tCheck app available for android and iphone. Each test takes less than 60 seconds to run and like lab and industrial grade spectrometers, tCheck’s accuracy is has a margin of error of +/- 15% of the reading. So let’s assume the reading is 10mg the actual potency of your infusion can be anywhere from 8.5 to 11.5 mg/ml

tCheck App

TCheck’s accompanying app connects to your testing device through bluetooth. It is a nicely designed app that logs all of your results so you can have a record of each tested infusion. This is great for knowing how much flower to add to your infusions to get the desired strength.

The built-in calculator is also really handy and allows you to customize your infused oil, butter, or alcohol tincture to any recipe. Just input the required material into the calculator and it will tell you exactly how much of your infusion to add to your recipe to get to that perfect dose.

Testing our Cannabutter

Testing infusions with the tCheck is simple. To start we measured the temperature of our melted butter using our digital thermometer. We then connected to the tCheck through the app and input the temperature of our butter. Next we added three drops of butter onto the reusable sample slide, taking care to make sure there were no air bubbles before closing with the slide cover.

The next step is to run the test on the app. The tCheck2 will first calibrate itself then will instruct you to insert the slide into the device. Once inserted we waited about one minute for our results.

Testing Outside tCheck’s Measurement Range

TCheck has a maximum reading capability of 15 mg/ml, so stronger infusions need to be diluted for accurate testing. Our first result read “OVER”, meaning our butter sample was over tCheck’s measurement range. Fortunately testing outside of tCheck’s range is pretty simple once you know what to do.

To test infusions that are over the 15mg limit, simply dilute your infusion with a non-infused sample. Add one part infused sample to three parts un-infused sample. Mix evenly and then use 2-3 drops in the tCheck. Your test result will be 1/4 the strength of the actual mg/ml. Multiply by 4 to get your final result.

After using the above method to dilute and test, our cannabutter came out to having about 44.7 mg/ml total THC.

Our Cake Truffles

David and I are pretty clueless when it comes to making desserts, so we turned to my dear friend Laura to give us a hand. She is the owner and chef at Santa Maria la Yerbera, a catering company in Mexico City, Mexico that specializes in cannabis-infused masterpieces. We’ve been going to her for cooking tips for years, and watching her move into the cannabis industry has been incredible! Please check her out on Instagram and follow her to be inspired to get into the kitchen and make some mind-altering edibles!

Laura recommended we make cake truffles with our cannabutter and shared a simple recipe for Banana Chocolate Ganache Cake Truffles. We tried our best but ours definitely don’t look anywhere as pretty as hers. They did however, taste amazing, even though they were huge!

We used our Magical Butter machine to make the cannabutter in this recipe. You can also make cannabutter on the stovetop or even with a slowcooker. The Magical Butter machine is quick and easy and is our preferred method.

This recipe made eight large cake truffles, and thanks to math and our tCheck2, we know that each truffle contained about 5.58mg of THC.

Cannabis-infused Banana Chocolate Ganache Cake Truffles

For the Ganache:

1 cup semi dark chocolate chips
1 cup heavy cream (Laura recommended we infuse this but we did not get a chance to do that this time)

    1. Heat your cream over low heat, add chocolate and melt together. Mix together, remove from heat, let it sit for 5 min. Refrigerate until completely firm.
    2. Get ganache from fridge. Using clean hands, form small balls with ganache and refrigerate again.
For the Cake

2 1/2 cups of broken up infused banana bread. We used this basic banana bread recipe and swapped regular butter with cannabutter.
1/2 cup cannabutter

    1. Combine the breadcrumbs and infused butter to make a dough you can mold with your hands.
Assembling the Truffles
    1. Take out cooled ganache balls. Form a little patty shape with the banana mixture. Put a ganache ball in the middle of the patty and cover it completely with cake dough, forming a ball.
    2. Refrigerate the truffles for five more minutes to get them nice and solid.
    3. After they’ve chilled you can bathe them in more semi-dark melted chocolate, powdered sugar, or cocoa powder. We covered ours in melted chocolate but next time will do cocoa powder for a cleaner presentation.

Final Thoughts on the tCheck

All in all we are impressed with tCheck and are really glad we have this tool to help us understand potency when making infusions at home. The device is small, easy to use, accurate and fast. We got the hang of testing in no time and will be using it to test and log all our future infusions!

TCheck has an expansion pack for testing potency in flower and concentrates. This is really great for home growers like us, so we’ll be testing and sharing the results of our homegrown strains and rosin in future posts.

Until then, thanks for reading and watching! And big thanks to tCheck for sending us their testing device and sponsoring this post. You can learn more about the tCheck2 over at Get $25 off your purchase with code STONERMOM.


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  1. rachel goltra

    My sister in law makes edibles often and they’re home growers as well, if she doesn’t know about this, I’m definitely clueing her in! My husband and I just had our first harvest, crossing our fingers we get better at it with our next 4 plants 🙂 this would come in handy for us too

    • rachel goltra

      We also bought from black dog because I follow Dave’s grow! Of course in love with madas, I’ve listened to ALL

  2. Krystian Nicole

    I am a little confused, I think you should be multiplying the reading by 4, because there was 4 parts of butter (3:1). For a total THC reading of 59.6. This device is amazing. Every time I make THC butter, I put us out for the day. It would be great to know the concentration! Thanks for another amazing and educational video!!

    • Krystian Nicole

      ***Edit- I see in the blog you have it as a 2:1 ratio. I was like that is some STRONG cannabutter to have a 25% diluted measurement of 14.9!