The Art of the Sesh
Mom’s Guide to a Productive Medication Sesh

A mindful wake and bake session with a potent sativa and a cup of joe is my favorite way to start my day. In this article, how to prepare for a medication sesh that ends in productivity and positivity and not a lethargic couch lock.

PreSesh | preparation leads to success

Start with Clean Glass. Clean your glass pieces with 90% rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) found in any grocery store. Seal holes with paper towels or saran wrap, add coarse salt and then shake it like a polaroid picture. Rinse and scrub with pipe cleaners raided from the kid’s art supplies.

Prepare the water. If you’re using a bong or water pipe, taking some extra time to prep the water can make a big difference. Try filling your clean bong with cool water, and replace the water often. Use Ice if your bong has an ice catch, or try keeping your bong outside on a cool day before you sesh. Use snow in place of ice for an extra wintry treat.

On the flip side, warm bong water can be extremely soothing on the throat and can cut back the coughing involved in a smoke sesh. Try both and see which you prefer. I prefer warm hits when I’m feeling under the weather and really need to medicate.  

Prefill two bowls. If you have a higher tolerance and consume more cannabis than others, try preparing two bowls at a time. Once the first one is done, plop in a fresh one. Easy peasy and you get to skip the step of cleaning and refilling a bowl. Also consider preparing two bongs for one session.

Have a backup bowl, stem, and pipe. Nothing is worse than sitting down to smoke a bowl and then somehow breaking an essential piece, rendering the bong useless and you completely unsatisfied. Save yourself the misery and have backup methods for medicating, like a pipe, vaporizer, or rolling papers.

The case for the blunt. I adore smoking a thick blunt, but because they aren’t the discreetest of methods I don’t get the opportunity to do so very often. But for a full on stoner session with no kids anywhere for miles? Give me a blunt everyday. Plus, switching up your consumption method helps you support a healthy tolerance.

Grind up enough cannabis for the entire sesh at one time. I don’t like having to hold off on my second bowl because I need to grind weed. I prefer to do a lot of grinding at one time, and then to keep that ground cannabis in a container with me during the sesh. This is also a great way to manage how much cannabis you’re consuming.

The Setup | mise en place for Stoners

2 Lighters: Lighters are notorious for disappearing into the nether of the couch. Have a second on hand so you don’t ruin the vibe.

Candle: I light a candle for all sit down smoke sessions. The smell, the ritual, the convenience when using with hemp wick, candles have become a stoner session enhancement that I can’t give up.  

Hemp wick: Hemp wicks are a simple way to greatly increase the pleasure of the smoke sesh. Available from a plethora of vendors, hemp wicks allow you to skip using a lighter to smoke your bowls, resulting in greater flavor and no gas inhalation. They’re inexpensive and handy to have around the house too! Pro tip: use the candle to light your hemp wick every time and you can completely forego having a lighter involved in your smoke session.

A poking tool: I call these “pokeys” and they look like dental tools. You can find these tools at head shops, craft stores, and home improvement stores. Any sort of poking tool is great for debowling a bowl, and if you have nothing on hand try uncooked spaghetti, toothpicks, or a bamboo skewer from the kitchen. There are also ashtrays with built in debowlers, perfect for any dedicated smoke sesh.

Herb grinder: Eventually every stoner decides they want a grinder. These save your finger tips, manicures, and they usually have a built-in kief catcher to really enhance your experience. You can find grinders easily online or in your local head shop.

Measuring spoon or scoop: One of the questions I am most frequently asked on my YouTube channel, is what is the little spoon I use to scoop my cannabis. It makes me laugh every time I get this question because the spoon is literally just a ¼ teaspoon that I stole from my kitchen and repurposed for my own stoner needs. Advice, next time you’re at Target, look at everything from a stoners perspective.

Container for ground cannabis. If follow my advice and grind all at one time, find a small container to keep it in, don’t just keep it in your grinder. Grinders are a frequent offender for being dropped when grabbed by the top, and spilled cannabis is definitely worth crying over.

Drinking water. I have a glass of ice water every time I smoke weed. Fortunately since I smoke so much weed this means that I also drink a lot of water. Everybody wins! *note: If the sesh is a wake and bake, coffee is required.

A healthy snack for the munchies. If you’re the type who needs to snack when you’re high, definitely consider preparing your snack before you get stoned. We make terrible dietary decisions when under the influence. Use the power of the munchies in your favor by preparing a snack plate of clean, healthy and filling foods. Crackers and cheese with ample fruit and nuts is a personal favorite, as are the classic “ants on a log” (celery with raisins and peanut butter).

Audio Enhancements. I believe that every stoner needs a personal stoner playlist. Something you don’t have to think about, it’s already ready to go. I also love listening to podcasts when I’m stoned or getting stoned. Something about not having the TV on but still being pulled into a story works wonderfully with getting high.

Day planner, notebook, pen and pencil. I often have brilliant ideas when stoned, don’t you? But stoners aren’t known for their excellent memories, so for goodness sake be prepared to write it down!

The Sesh | keeping it together, even when you’re stoned

Be mindful of your time. Have a time or amount limit. It’s always a personal call, how much weed makes you feel what way. Just enough makes you energized, more might bring on couch lock, so know your habits and limits and stick to a time schedule that allows for plenty of medication time but doesn’t last all day.

If you’re a medical user be sure to schedule enough time to properly medicate, especially if it’s the first sesh of the day

Take Notes. As you bake you often have realizations of things you want to get done. Record those things so they don’t elude you post sesh.

Have rules for phones and TV. We tend to get stoned and stare at our phones. Maybe we’re playing Candy Crush. Maybe we’re stalking Reddit. Maybe we’re spending too much time on the gram. either way, have rules in place before you start! If you’re not planning on watching TV for the next two hours, don’t turn the TV on in the first place.

No judgment, even for yourself. Even if you’re a parent. Everyone has a right to self-care, and cannabis is a part of that! Civil disobedience is okay. Be responsible and stand up for what you believe in.

Have a plan written out. If you are prone to wasting your stoned time and really want to take advantage of the energy rush a good sativa strain can bring you, then write down a plan for how to spend the next three hours.Take control of your life, and don’t let the hours slip away just because you are stoned.

Avoiding Couch Lock. Keep moving! The floor is lava. The couch is covered in spikes. Get outside, play with the pets, sit in a window and let in the light. Keep the TV off. Use podcasts as background noise since they have no visual component vying for your attention. Play loud music, grab your to-do list, and get on it! It’s all about motivation and telling your laziness, “not today”.

Relieve coughing. Have water at every stoner session, try sucking ice, stand up during a coughing fit, take shallow breaths, or try taking several deep breaths. Have warm tea with honey or a creamy coffee. Fresh air can help as well, so try stepping outside.

Don’t hold in the smoke! It doesn’t work, it doesn’t make you “higher”, and it’s not good for you. A three-second hold maximum is all it takes for the body to absorb cannabinoids.

If you feel too high:

  • Eat eat eat! Give in to the munchies. Food can comfort and ground you.
  • Move around or lay down. A change of scenery often helps, and don’t underestimate the healing power of the sun. If you can, try walking around. If walking makes you sick, time to lay down. Put on a favorite album and lay down with your eyes closed. Looks like you may need to work on your tolerance.
  • Find Support. It is a natural human response to hide from others when we are ill or in pain. This is counterintuitive so if you’ve got a supporter in the house, time to stick close to them. Do not hang around people who are overly negative, judgemental or critical when stoned (or ever).
  • Give yourself a pass to zone out on your phone or nap. We can’t all be power stoners. When you’ve overindulged it’s time to turn in the towel until you are feeling better.

Medicating mindfully is the first step to being the successful stoner that the stigma says doesn’t exist. Fortunately we know that the stigma is wrong, and that thousands of responsible adults use cannabis as a way to be more accomplished. Join their ranks, have a plan, and good luck on your personal cannabis journey!


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.


  1. We are sooo-o the same, I LOVE it! Just reading your sesh info, only thing I was missing was the hemp wick…which are already in my Amazon basket! Lil wake n bake n shop 😉

    Thanks for the great reads!!!

    Amber A/K/A…Cookie Monster

  2. Illegal stoner mom

    Thanks for the reminder! I have to make a medication schedule and some ‘rules’ for a medication session. So much useful information in one post!