Greenhouse in backyard

I am very blessed that my husband¬†has a green thumb. He’s just good at stuff. I have always wanted a proper victory garden, forgoing produce from Mexico for produce from my yard. Unfortunately my charred, black thumb has always held me back from this dream. Enter marriage 2.0 and all the things I want are created from my main homie’s skills. This summer he built a small greenhouse in the backyard and has filled it with goodies. Lettuce, strawberries, basil, spinach, kale, tomatos, cucumbers, squash and a little weed plant or two.



We’ve been working on getting our family slightly more sustainable. That means growing our own food, making responsible decisions about meat consumption, and obviously, growing our own weed. The plan in my head is to start making my own sandwich bread (bought yeast finally!) as well.






This dog though. He likes to dig holes in freshly potted plants to store his disgusting dinosoar bones that he enjoys. So, any extra notes of flavor in our produce can likely be attributed to him.





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