In the Market to Buy the Perfect Vaporizer

Okay, so the time has come for The Stoner Mom to up her game and get a vaporizer. I’m sure my lungs and air filter will thank me. I love my bongs, don’t get me wrong. Some day I want to purchase a ridiculously huge bong, kinda just to have it. See, some housewives spend money on purses. I daydream about $700 vaporizers. Talk about first world problems.

Anyway, my birthday is coming up which gave me a great excuse to request a vaporizer from the husband. Now we’re both researching. This is something I’ll use every dang day, so researching the choices is a must. Here are the things I am looking for.

  1. It must plug-in. No batteries.
  2. Not interested in the “balloons” of vape hanging around my house. It must use some sort of ‘direct from the unit’ draw.
  3. Must have solid warranty, excellent customer service, free shipping.
  4. Must be under $500.

So, that takes out the legendary Volcano– the one everyone talks about when talking about high-end vapes. I don’t know guys. Having a giant balloon full of weed vape seems like a pretty bad idea for a house with little kids. My kids are attracted to the packed air in our Amazon packages; they don’t really have standards when it comes to inflated bags to smack each other in the head with.

Here are the two pieces that I’m very interested in:

The Plenty Vaporizer 

Made by the same people who make the Volcano.  I like that its on the smaller side, and love the metal whip to cool the vapor. Because I am a mom, of course the first thing I start thinking about is “how much of a pain in the ass will this be to keep clean?” I’m worried that the plastic draw tubes will somehow get yucky on the inside. This is based on absolutely zero knowledge or experience with vaporizers by the way.

 The Arizer Extreme X

$100 less then the Plenty, and uses a choice of balloons or whip. So, less expensive and a little more flexible in usage. I do prefer it’s overall look when compared to the Plenty, being as it doesn’t resemble a power tool.


Both units have excellent reviews and can be purchased from vendors offering free shipping and a free grinder. Both have good warranties and seem easily maintained.

Before today I really thought I would get the Plenty, but tonight I’m seeing the Extreme X for an amazing price- $200 less than the Plenty, that’s enough of a deal to really tempt me the other way…

Whatever I decide, I cannot wait to begin my new method for getting stoned.

What do you guys think? Which should I choose? Do you have a vaporizer you love? Comment below!

Until next time friends!


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.

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