The Time We Eloped | Our Renegade Wedding

Today is a special day for The Stoner Mom. Two years ago today my husband and I eloped at the Four Seasons in Denver. Having done the big wedding thing once before, the second time around I wanted privacy and all of the importance to be on our union. Accountable to no one that day, we spent it with the BFF, our bad ass photographers, and Denver’s cutest hair and makeup artist. Flasks of bourbon, great food, plenty of weed and the corner suite. It was the best.

I met my husband in a bizarre fashion and within (seriously) hours, I knew. I knew, I knew…

I knew it in the way woman know things. Those rare moments when suddenly the dreams of the past link up to the present, and you know… you always knew. Somehow I always knew. Ten years before we actually met, we found ourselves in the same room by chance. We lived near one another but the universe was waiting. Holding us back. Leveling out our age difference with time and experience. Preparing us both for the moment we would meet.

It was all very dramatic and intense and passionate and bordered on dangerous. We saw it as the universe pushing us together, taking out the choice. Being with him was a love I had never experienced. His brutish, bull-headed determination to have me. I wanted it desperately, but then the fear, the self-doubt. There were nights when I couldn’t keep the tears back, so wondrous was this love. So as I negotiated and waited for my freedom I was silently laying down the path to marry this man.

Two years now. The danger and desperation is gone. So is the unknown. I am so, so happy. It is everything love is supposed to be. Here is what people need to know about getting a divorce; this too shall pass. It is ridiculously painful yes, and frightening, and seemingly financially impossible. If you have children than you have a 24/7 reason to doubt yourself. I’m here to say, put your brain on autopilot and push through, keep going, fight for the end. Because when that end comes you’ve got this brand new beginning. The brightest beginning, one you didn’t have the first time around. This time you’re older, you’re wiser, and you know what you need in a partner.
BFF watches hair and makeup. Our wedding (elopement) photographers were the truly amazing Willinghams. I will cherish these images forever.
The Stoner Mom, before we were married.
Oh my.
Our one wedding guest, the BFF.
And then we were married.
I call him my pirate, but he’s also my drunk Irish peasant.
He’s tall and big and loud and intimidating.
And this time around I see how important it is to marry a man that makes you laugh; who spoils you, who delights you at every turn.


Photography by The Willinghams


Photography by The Willinghams


Leap, and the net will appear.


My Net.


Husband is the drinker. I’m the pothead. It makes for a nice pair.


Post wedding fist bump.
Yup. Partner for life.



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