[dropcap]O[/dropcap]h my goodness it’s late but I did it! Today’s episode of The Stoner Mom Show is up on my YouTube Channel. This one is a little different, my kids were home so I had to sneak around for my Wake and Bake session. I grabbed my new Diamond Glass Matrix bong and hid in the closet for a quick bowl of Headband. I also do this fun interview with my five-year old. These questions have gone around for years, the best ones are when you ask them the same questions every year. If you’d like to interview your kids here are the blank questions:

What is something Mom always says to you?
What makes Mom happy?
What makes Mom sad?
How does Mom make you laugh?
What was Mom like as a child?
How old is Mom?
How tall is Mom?
What is Mom’s favorite thing to do?
What does Mom do when you’re not here? c
If Mom becomes famous what will it be for?
What is Mom really good at?
What is Mom not very good at?
What is Mom’s job?
What makes you proud of Mom?
What is Mom’s favorite food?
What do you & Mom do together?
How are you & Mom the same?
If your Mom was a cartoon character who would she be?
How are you & Mom different?
How do you know Mom loves you?
Where is Mom’s favorite place to go?
How old was Mom when she had you?


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.

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