Magic Flight Launch Box

Okay, what the heck is this thing? It’s a portable vaporizer! Vaporizing is a common technique for using marijuana, popularized for it’s purported health benefits. Vaporizers heat your marijuana up until it produces a “mist” devoid of the toxins that are produced by lighting any substance on fire.

The vapor has much higher percentages of cannabinoids to inhale compared to the smoke produced from joints and bongs. Burning marijuana produces an unfortunate amount of non-cannabinoid yuck, most of which don’t get you high, and have possible respiratory health risks when inhaled.

Vaporizers come in two forms: your ‘at home’ variety -the larger, tabletop machines that plug into the wall, or, the smaller portable vaporizers that require charged batteries and are discreet enough to bring pretty much everywhere.

The MFLB is a small, handmade, portable vaporizer that comes with two rechargeable batteries, glass straw, trays for vaping wax, a battery charger, and detailed instructions. There are lots of cool additional accessories, including a power adapter.

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The Magic Flight Box, with some weed ready to go.

How to use it

First, your pot must be nicely ground to ensure it heats evenly. For this same reason you should be sure to shake the device to redistribute the weed between hits.

The MFLB opens easily to reveal a small “trench” for the weed. You scoop your finely ground weed into the trench and snap the box shut. A glass straw is included which is inserted into the mouthpiece, and the rechargeable battery is pushed into the battery hole.

The battery is how you operate the box. The marijuana heats only when the battery is pushed completely in. There is a spring inside that prevents the MFLB from engaging without force being applied to the battery, keeping the device from heating up while it’s, you know, sitting in your purse.

What I don’t love

Rechargeable batteries blow. As fast as they may fully charge, it’s just never fast enough for me. I think this would hold true for any hardcore stoner. For anyone that needs more than one or three hits to be high, the battery thing is just not the way to go. Fortunately, the optional power adaptor would completely solve this problem for me.

Though its small and well designed, the whole battery pushing thing is weird. It works fine, don’t get me wrong, but for a girl with small hands, it is painful to push the battery completely in with your palm, so you have to use your thumb. It just seems more awkward than it needs to be. Why can’t there just be a button you hold in?

What I do love

The MFLB works really well. Thick white vapor begins forming within seconds of pushing in the battery. It’s tiny and beautifully handcrafted. It fits in the palm of my hand, makes no sound, and comes with all sorts of cool accessories to personalize your vaping experience. Best perk is, the Magic Flight Launch Box gets you super high. That’ll do pig. That’ll do.

Check out to take flight!


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