When I was a kid I sometimes watched Meet The Osbourne’s, a reality show about rock legend Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy is kinda known for being unintelligible and I found myself charmed by his doddering idiot ways. In the show Ozzy had a full-sized coloring desk in the kitchen, with a collection of markers that only a rich man would have. occasionally the show would offer a glimpse of Ozzy, carefully filling in elaborate coloring pages. Ozzy Osbourne was a colorer. My jaded teenaged self snorted in derision, and then life went on.

Now that I’m the doddering old idiot, I totally get it. There is something about coloring that just really feels good for a grownup. A mom of four, I’ve got coloring books galore over here, but you know how kids are. I say politely, choose a picture for me to color. I don’t care which one, choose something you don’t want to color. So they pass over giving me the glamorous princess or the darling kitties. Instead I get coloring pages of inanimate things. A page of blank headbands. A page of empty picture frames. Boring. 

Luck has turned my way however, when a nice gentlemen sent me some demo pages from his upcoming release of The Stoner’s Coloring Book: Coloring for High-Minded Adults. That’s me, obviously. I see why he sent it. And so I have confiscated some of the children’s art supplies and have amused myself by filling in the pages as I contentedly puff away on my bong, much like Ozzy on that show when I was a kid…

Page from The Stoner's Coloring Book


a page from the stoner's coloring book
Doing all things with love. And weed.



I show a few more pages from the book in the above episode of The Stoner Mom Show.

Last year I included the Coloring for Grownups book on my Holiday Wish List for Guys. Looks like I wasn’t too far off. If you want a Stoner’s Coloring Book for yourself be sure to follow creator Jared. Thanks for sending the stoner mama these rad pages! My inner-child Ozzy thanks you.


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