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The Stoner Mom Diaries | new hair

As I talked about in my last diary entry, last week was a childless anomaly for the stoner mom. My girls were gone for several days on a cruise with their dad, David went back to work, and I got to recharge with some much needed silence and time to myself. I thrive off of alone time, it’s truly how I get the most stuff done, how I reset my energy levels and clear my head. After a summer of noise, friends, guests, and activities, I really needed the opportunity to have some quiet hours to myself each day. 

As always, I vastly overestimated how much I would be able to accomplish. I did do a lot of what I planned but got nowhere near as much finished work as I was hoping. I was able to get a few important things done though.

One of those important things? Fixing my damn hair! After months and months of growing it out, ignoring it, piling it on top of my head and wishing it would just go away, I finally ponied up the bones to get it done. Sheesh. 

Short and sweet, the stoner mom bob.

The last time you saw me my hair was epically long and testing the bounds of good taste. Now it’s sleek, short, manageable and requires very little attention from me. 

Another fun memory from the week, I hosted a friends-only smoke sesh Monday night with a local couple who love to smoke, socialize, and share conversation and food. It is so fun to switch up your smoke routine occasionally, be it location, method, or company, and I really love inviting people over and watching them get really high. It’s kinda one of my favorite things. 

The setup for smoke sessions with friends! Five bongs with five different home-grown strains. 

As for getting things done, I managed to do a fair amount of organizing in my quiet time. I rearranged the furniture in Lizzy’s room and got the kids spaces cleaned up and organized so nothing can distract them from good sleep and rest in the last couple of days before school starts. I pulled all of their outgrown clothes out and freed up so many hangers I couldn’t stop rejoicing. I also thoroughly organized my bedroom, closet, and master bathroom and I have felt so much better about myself and surroundings since I cleaned and organized things. It’s amazing how much a difference a non-cluttered environment can do for ones mental health. 

Creating content was another big thing on my to-do list and I feel pretty good about the amount of work I was able to put into future posts. I’m really working on that backlog and trying to get as many articles and pieces of content finished up and scheduled so I can spend the next couple weeks auditing the site. I also filmed quite a bit and will be filming more during the days once school starts back up. 

Over all it was productive week but mostly it was peaceful and exactly what I needed. Adult time has now wrapped up and it’s back to normal mom programming. Tonight is Back to School Night, and then it’s back to quiet mornings to work and then afternoons/evenings devoted to the kids and family. Structure, routine, schedules, all the things I love. 

Stoner Mom News | the business side of The Stoner Mom

Celebrating 100 episodes of Mom and Dad are Stoned! 

Two years ago my beloved husband and I started broadcasting our stoned conversatons in the form of our podcast, Mom and Dad are Stoned. This Wednesday we’ll be dropping our 99th episode, and next week will mark 100 episodes of cannabis talk, pop culture, corny jokes and unscripted stoned conversation. To celebrate we’re giving away a gorgeous Nymph dab rig by Sesh Supply, courtesty of our friends at Smoke Cartel. 

The Nymph by Sesh Supply, courtesy of Smoke Cartel


How to enter our podcast giveaway: leave us a review in iTunes (you must have iTunes to leave a review) before we record our 100th episode! We’ll pick one review writer as the winner, read your review on the show, and send you a brand new Nymph for all of your dabbing needs! 

Stoner Gear | a weekly roundup of cannabis products I’m loving


X MAX Starry Vaporizer – This limited Planet of the Vapes edition Starry vaporizer is a surprisingly affordable device with sleek upgrades. A great value and perfect for a newbies first vape.

Phoenician Grinder – I’m often asked about my grinders. A couple years ago a follower turned me onto medical grade Phoenician Grinders and I’ve been hooked ever since. With a state of the art thread-less design, these are perfect for the medical user with hand difficulties or arthritis.


Milk Bottle with Double Tree Perc by Black Sheep – New glass alert! My favorite online headshop,, sent over this huge new piece to review, and I am obsessed! The double showerhead percs make this piece hit super smooth, I love it! Watch out for it in this week’s Coffee Talk episode, going up on Friday.


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  1. Christina

    I LOVE IT!! Makes me want to cut my hair, it’s been FOREVER since I’ve stepped into a salon! Hope to win the contest!!! Love yall and MADAS!